December 04, 2006

TV Licensing are back

Follow-up to TV Licensing annoyed my sister big time from nathanielho :: blog

Have you had that wonderful letter notifying you that you are now a listed on the “database” for not having a TV licence in recent weeks? It really does stir up the blood.

Firstly they called me up to ask why I hadn’t renewed my old licence at home… that’s because my dad had bought one if they’d bothered to look in the first place. Then I enquired about the whereabouts of the licence I got for our uni flat kitchen 9 weeks ago. Ah! Its been sent to Cryfield 159. Thanks, this wouldn’t be a problem apart from the tiny technicality that I live on the other side of campus in Heronbank you wassorks! Then it took about another 10mins to spell out the address and the correct order of the flat number. I’m sorry could you spell it out for me?

H is for Hateful
E is for Exacerbated
R is for Riled
O is for Outraged
N is for Numpty
B is for Bastards
A is for Agitate
N is for Nettled
K is for knockout

Give me my licence and pee off!!

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  1. I used to like getting the letters telling me I was going to be in big trouble very soon.
    I did take the time to send the letter back to them informing them they were arses, and if they checked their records they’d discover that I had a licence in my name for the whole flat. Mmmm righteous anger.

    04 Dec 2006, 23:03

  2. Steven Carpenter

    My partner and I had lots threatening letters from TV Licencing after I bought a portable TV from Comet for our house. Because our surnames were different and the licence was in her name they decided we were criminals who were trying to cheat them out of another licence. It took several letters before they finally gave up.

    05 Dec 2006, 13:14

  3. Angela Ayre

    I was sent a threatening letter from tvl saying my address had no license and that it was against the law to have a tv without one. I do have one and tvl agree but say as my house is a new build the PO must have told them of the new house at about the same time as i informed them and there must have been some overlap in info.
    I am disgusted that firstly they even have the PO working for them as a spy on our streets and secondly that they can get away with sending such a threatening letter to me. They have even told me to expect more letters until it sorts itself out. I have paid my license fee fully by DD and informed them of my move on that very day and even received a letter thanking me for paying by DD only the day before the threatening letter. When i put it to them that this should not happen they said they did not haved the man power to go through each case like mine and i would just have to put up with it. They said that if they were to change this the license fee would have to go up.
    How dare they. And how dare Tessa Jowell say that the British public would not mind paying more for their license. 99% STRONGLY OBJECT. A Ayre.

    13 Dec 2006, 16:48

  4. Is Ayre pronounced in a similar fashion to Ire?
    Ironic if yes :S

    13 Dec 2006, 16:50

  5. sharon f

    Yes Angela. I agree. Capitalist Bar stewards

    15 Jan 2007, 23:19

  6. Sharon f

    Tessa Jowell doesn’t know what she is talking about. Ask her if she would mind contributing £3.00 weekly to the BBC for “bot all ” if she earned £150 a week (or less if you are on JSA/IS). I mind and so does everyone I speak to.

    15 Jan 2007, 23:25

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