April 14, 2007

Ralf Schumacher Quote

Good article on R Schumacher in F1 Racing this month. They said the problem is that he’s the high and mighty boss man, and therefore if anything’s wrong, its just the car. He’s got Schumacher as a surname, therefore he doesn’t need to adapt his driving style. It must be the car, its always the car.

Ralf Schumacher [talking to Louise Goodman]:

There’s too much understeer [from the car]... I can’t get it set up to my liking.

Martin Brundle:

You’re turning in too early, son!

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  1. An even better Brundle quote from the qualifying coverage was the one regarding DC’s choice of personal cooling methodology… :-)

    14 Apr 2007, 16:58

  2. I missed/didn’t notice that. Can you enlighten us?

    14 Apr 2007, 17:10

  3. There was a shot of Jenson pointing an air line at his face while he was sat in his cockpit between runs, to try and stay cool. Brundle said that all the teams have different methods of keeping drivers cool – DC, apparently, likes to have a bag of dry ice in his lap; the comment was something along the lines of “although I’m not sure if that’s just for his personal pleasure”!

    Even James Allen had to follow that with ”...er, that’s probably too much information, I think!”

    15 Apr 2007, 22:53

  4. LOL ah yes I remember.

    Some of the stuff DC says is a bit funny and out of order. Like in p58 in April’s F1 Racing Mag.

    Louise’s question today on DC’s charge was quite good:

    .bq What did you have in your porridge this morning?

    15 Apr 2007, 22:59

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