December 19, 2006

Michael Schumacher's Ferrari Career in Pictures

The Legendary Michael Schumacher Special Portfolio

*Warning: Despite Herr Schumacher being a legend. Anybody who used to love to hate him (such as me) may find excessive picture viewing quite sickening.*

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  1. I was at the Williams F1 base in Grove today for our staff induction day; in the grand prix museum they have there (which is awesome!) they had numerous video clips – of course most of Schumacher’s worst moments were driving against Williams cars (Hill, Villeneuve etc). I was beginning to go soft against him in his old age, but seeing all those clips of what a cheating bastard he is again reminded me of just why I hate him so much.

    19 Dec 2006, 19:32

  2. haha, i was doing ok, but christ that does go on a bit… i’m with you on the loving to hate him, but i do grudgingly admit to respecting what a genius he was. I’m sure we shall miss him now he’s gone!

    19 Dec 2006, 19:33

  3. Yeah, currently I’m in the “oh no we’ve lost a legend” mood. But last time I wrote something Simon Young kindly reminded us with videos of his cheating ways. In terms of what he has acheived at Ferrari, that was amazing (and that didn’t involve any cheating whatsoever).

    Sounds like you had a fun day at work Sig!

    19 Dec 2006, 19:42

  4. Lol yeh, wish my day at work involved going round the Williams F1 base – so jealous, so so jealous! It’s a hard life isn’t it Siggy?? :-P

    19 Dec 2006, 19:55

  5. mrs gail j gray

    I am so glad i am not the only michael schumacher fan who takes him seriously,i have followed him since 1991, and looking back at those pages has brought me back such happy thrilling moments, i belive formula 1 has lost a great legend,its such a shame he retired in 2006, but never mind i will still follow him, his records and him will live on.i have done for the past 5 years a dedication/tribute book for him after all he deserves it. i wish him and his family happiness and good health now and the future, i am so glad he is happy and settling down to his new job at ferrari. he is a best advisor i would choose.

    17 Jun 2007, 11:32

  6. Bilal

    Michael Schumacher the best car driver ok….

    30 Jun 2007, 11:38

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