March 03, 2007

Lunar Eclipse 2007

Lunar Eclipse 2007 2 Lunar Eclipse 2007 3 Lunar Eclipse 2007 4
Lunar Eclipse 2007 5 Lunar Eclipse 2007 6 Lunar Eclipse 2007 1
© Nathaniel Ho 2007

Camera: Canon EOS 350D
Lens: Canon EF USM II 55-200mm f4.5-5.6
Filter: UV
Date: 3rd March 2007
Location: Heronbank, University of Warwick
Focal Length: 200mm (equivalent focal length: 320mm)
Shutter: 2s to 8s
Aperture: F/7.1 to F/9.0
ISO: 100
Post–processing: cropped.
Comments: Brilliant opportunity to notice the dust on my sensor! This was the best I could do with a telephoto.

Much to mine and John’s amusement, a merry passer-by on his way to the union (who’s state could only be described as “merry”) screamed:

oh s***! Where’s the MOON?!

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  1. Location should be 238,854 miles above Heronbank, University of Warwick

    04 Mar 2007, 02:56

  2. Nice! I got some ones of the initial stages of the eclipse but none of the ‘redness’ as I couldn’t get an angle from the back of my garden and it was cold!! Good shots.

    04 Mar 2007, 09:45

  3. I kept going out every 20 mins to grab a photo. John and I were having cold beverages outside. Then he proceeded to have some ice cream!

    Focusing on the niib 238,854 miles away was difficult. I didn’t know where to trust the AF. So I settle for focussing manually til the red AF dot flashed. Locked it at that. For most of them I left it on Auto WB, but for the extra red ones I used flash WB (yeah I cheated).

    04 Mar 2007, 11:57

  4. Moo the Moo Foo

    Very impressive pictures… I am still a little upset that I managed to miss it.

    19 Mar 2007, 13:56

  5. Moo the Moo Foo

    Very impressive pictures… I am still a little upset that I managed to miss it.

    19 Mar 2007, 13:56

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