March 23, 2008

Imagine: life with just a pen

This is the time of the year where everyone moans about essays, dissertations and exams. But can you imagine things 10-15 years ago where the average student probably didn't have a laptop or maybe didn't even have their own computer to use. Essays written by hand and not on a word processor. Research done exclusively on books without the aid of search engines and stuff like google books. Must have been tough! And yet we still moan...

Le Travail

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    No word processors 15 years ago? Try 25, maybe, and even then there were still electronic typewriters, communal computer work areas, etc

    23 Mar 2008, 16:57

  2. Yeah I guess people would have made the effort to go to computer rooms to use computers.

    Electronic typewriters without memory were pretty useless with their erasing tape reel. Swore you went through more of those than the ink reel!

    23 Mar 2008, 17:20

  3. Sue

    Recently I’ve been doing NVQ level 2 and I’ve found it extremely tedious. It seems to be a case of stating the obvious repeatedly. These are some of the questions:
    What is a companies reputation?
    How can you build on that reputation?
    How can you damage the companies reputation?
    What could be the consequences of a damaged reputation?
    Why is it advantageous to employees and a company to build on the reputation?
    These are actual questions asked in succession, my partner thinks it’s a subtle brainwashing technique. I’ve nearly finished now but when my last assignment was set by the supervisor it all looked very familiar and I told her that I was sure I’d already done it. She was adamant that I hadn’t and I said that it all seemed rather repetitive but I was certain I’d done this bit before and she said that some of it might be repeated but if I’d done it on a computer instead of writing it by hand I would have been able to go back and see whether I’d done it before. I said “Oh, could I have done it on a computer?” and she said “You can do it either way.” It hadn’t even occured to me not to write it by hand. The thing is it’s taken me five months (when I say five months it’s only about an hour and a half’s worth of work a month but then there are the visits to the workplace which seem very long and protracted and completely useless, they’re just spent going over old ground time and time again) to complete although she says that’s very quick and I’m one of her fastest pupils to date (not that this is a very high accolade when you consider the content of the course). The amount of paper work involved from their end is incredible and it’s so long and drawn out, I think the whole thing could have been done in a 30 minute exam and saved a lot of time and money. I wish I’d never agreed to do it now, it was a sort of experiment but I would never do another one.

    23 Mar 2008, 23:08

  4. Moo

    A lot of students are moaners. Then again, a lot of students are teenagers. I think they might go hand in hand.

    13 May 2008, 17:11

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