May 05, 2006

Go Live in a Tent and Eat Lentils™

Today I went to a lecture by specialist in the energy and environment industry, who give a good talk about the inherent problems in the world that goes beyond oil. Very interesting, once again I left one of these lectures, realising just how screwed we really are! There's the last 140 years left of oil, that will be prioritised for plastics and pharmaceuticals. No oil left to power my Aston Martin in future :(

The only solution to the fuel crisis is to do what is says in the title of this blog entry. Overall it was a very good way to revise for my energy module :P Don't try to fix the fuel crisis, embrace it!

Go Live in a Tent and Eat Lentils is an unregistered Trademark of Chris Payne Industries.

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  1. I did try and explain that Mobbs was a pessemist… You have to be a pretty negative sort to be an ecomentalist. Their hearts may be in the right place, but their total lack of optimism… Argh! Does my head in. Was it a good talk?

    05 May 2006, 23:49

  2. Yeah it was a good talk. A lot better than the other one I went to last term. I just don't remember what the moral of the story is…

    The only thing that springs to minds is Mr Hinds' energy saving tips: "Turn the bloody light off"

    05 May 2006, 23:54

  3. There's not an energy crisis tut tut, Phil Purnell would be turning in his grave, did you learn nothing from Tech Sci 1? :P

    06 May 2006, 00:45

  4. I would disagree that he has a negative attitude, far from it, I think he has a positive and realistic attitude, and his solution of reducing consumption is the only truly valid way of solving both climate and fuel use issues. Now sure you can sway data any way you like and I will blog the detail of the notes I made tomorrow, but I think that to write off Mobbs as being pessemistic and therefore doom and gloom is wrong. At no point did he say we are finished/will have mass anarchy/the car is evil. I intend to buy both his books simply because, yes, it will be a biased view (what view isn't?) but it's perhaps one of the most practical ones.

    06 May 2006, 00:47

  5. My intention was not to write him off. I agreed with most of his points and it was very interesting to see how complex the problem really is. It was nice to see someone who really knew his stuff talking about it. And I bought his biased view. Maybe the world's population is just too big.

    Like you've said before Chris, the problems are in society where we leave lights on all the time (sometimes for security reasons), boil too much water in the kettle all the time at uni (because its not your electricity bill, it's someone elses'). I always hoped that LED lighting might one day help, but like he's said, that would only ever make a saving within the 7% sector – and what good would that do. LEDs are high energy stuff – does anyone know if they still have less embodied energy than flourescent bulbs?

    06 May 2006, 10:44

  6. Wasn't so much thinking of you Nathaniel, more Mr Sigournay, who will probably never see eye to eye with me on this issue! I agree with Mobbs that while we are making huge improvements through technology in reducing energy use, we use that increased efficiency to do more/go further/get more business. Therefore because we drive x times more now because we can, overall our energy use is increasing. The only effective answer to the issue and maintaining our current lifestyle without change is to slaughter around 1/3–1/2 of the world population. Except that's not PC to an even greater extent than suggesting people might actually have to change their lifestyle.

    06 May 2006, 14:23

  7. OK Rob, its a FUEL crisis.

    06 May 2006, 15:57

  8. Trademark, Trademark! It was my interlectual property! Damn you Nathanial Ho! :P :P

    07 May 2006, 23:54

  9. Moo the Moo Foo

    It is true that it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain our standard of living (take! take! take!), but civilisations come and go (Sumerians, Assyrians etc.), sooner or later if it's not us pushing outselves into the brink of breakdown it will be Mother Nature giving us a huge slap.
    After all there is the theory that after civilisation pushes itself to a certain point, something (food, fuels, needs of something else) will always be the crack that collapses the system. However, I would not like a tent, neither would i like lentils, but fried Kale and a cave would be cosy. Maybe learning some Morse Code would also be useful.
    Meanwhile, I'll be selling the car and taking the bike for a ride.

    08 May 2006, 11:53

  10. Moo the Moo Foo

    An interesting point The Stig made one time was that if the car was invented today, it would not be legal.

    08 May 2006, 11:54

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