August 16, 2006

Anyone been on a plane lately?

Right I'm going on a short flight to europe tomorrow. I am going to carry a rucksack bag that is 3cm too high than the allowed 45cm x 35cm x 16cm. And if they don't let me on, then it'll be a real joke. And I'll have to carry my camera, cap, tickets, documents, sweater in an Asda bag. Luckily I'm not going to be carrying baby milk…

Ryan air has left scathing attacks on the government's lack of support in bringing in more personnel to help security checks on their website. Apparantly 40 of their flights today were delayed, 10 by over an hour. Very nice. Wish me luck.

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  1. John Evans

    At stansted a 10am flight to new york was delayed til 23.45. Everything else i saw seemed to be running as normal. Don't listen to any advice given by any of the staff and be confident – new regulations mean you don't need a passport or ticket to board a plane.

    16 Aug 2006, 22:53

  2. lol, so the ticket to ride, is to not carry anything explosive.

    16 Aug 2006, 23:43

  3. Can you take your camera? I heard that electronic devices aren't allowed as hand luggage.

    17 Aug 2006, 11:44

  4. Anna

    Good luck! Are you going to tell us all about your escapades in Europe when you get back, hope so, I love travellogues.

    17 Aug 2006, 15:51

  5. Can you take your camera? I heard that electronic devices aren't allowed as hand luggage.

    Electronic devices are fine now, its just liquids that arn't allowed at the moment I think.

    17 Aug 2006, 18:51

  6. Anna

    A friend of mine flew from Bristol to Brussels this week and was not allowed to take any liquids as hand luggage but on the return flight there were no restrictions on liquids at all. He was very surprised by this and it does seem to be totally illogical… a loophole just waiting to be exploited by terrorists.

    19 Aug 2006, 12:44

  7. Moo the Moo Foo

    Maybe they didn't care what was going out.

    20 Aug 2006, 23:53

  8. Yeah its fine. I had my crisps, bagel, magazines, mobilo–mo–phone and my Canon digital SLR in a rucksack that was slightly bigger than the allowable dimensions but it was fine. They just X–ray it. Check in for some reason took quite a bit of time in Stansted. It was the first time I've seen the metropolitan police force carrying G36 sub–machine guns. Getting through security was easy. Although it was 7am.
    They just X–rayed my shoes and jacket as well. As well as the usual probing frisking.

    21 Aug 2006, 12:18

  9. Anna

    I'm glad you got on alright, where did you go and what's a mobile–mo–phone?

    21 Aug 2006, 19:49

  10. Its mobilO–mo–phone. Its the shorter way of saying 'mobile phone' :P

    25 Aug 2006, 18:41

  11. Dennis

    that is ok 4 phones but what about mp3 players,my boy and i are going to scotland 4 a wedding and he cant live without his,will that b allowed on the plane

    28 Aug 2006, 16:34

  12. Double check, but I'm 90% certain u can take those on board.

    28 Aug 2006, 17:20

  13. Last time I went on a flight, i.e. before all the heightened security alerts. I was stopped by security for no really good reason and then about 200 yards further on I was stopped by 3 armed soldiers, Guess I shouldn't have been wearing my black beard (I'm not sure if I can say that but I did anyway, sorry to anyone I've offended, please don't hurt me)

    29 Aug 2006, 16:44

  14. John Evans

    When I went to Belgium they were being very strict that no hair gel was allowed on board – did you consider that?

    30 Aug 2006, 11:26

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