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November 27, 2006

Casino Royale

Movie image
Casino Royale
4 out of 5 stars

Hmmm I haven’t been to the cinema for ages it seems. Having started watching Bond movies since I was 5 years old (every saturday on ITV, or Channel 3 if you’re Swedish [Ivan]), this was definately something I would make the effort to go and see, despite the fact Laura and I was given 30mins prior notice by Will and Matt.

I thought the story was a good one. No satellites that fire lasorrrrr beams. No jumping rocket cars. No invisibitily cloaks etc. Just back to basics, of punching somebody in the face with one’s fist, a vulnerable, sexy and muscular Aston Martin DBS9, the weapon was money, the tactics was texas hold-em poker and everything was believable.

There was a large amount of unashamed product placement. Sony and Ford mainly. I cracked up when he drove the Ford Mondeo to the hotel, at which every car in the car park was a Ford Premier Auto Group car: Volvo, Jag, Land Rover and of course Astons. Well I suppose it is “nice” to know that I use the same K800 mobile phone as James Bond, and the villan used my last mobile phone. I guess we’ll get to the stage where we’ll be using the same bog-roll as you see on the silver-screen!

Unfortunately the film ended on a “to be continued…” note which is as annoying as Carol Smilie’s smile. I’ve given it four stars, though it is biased cos my analysis was based on the fact that it had cars, guns, girls and Bond suaveness!

Semaine Dernier

Last week and weekend was a good ‘un. All the assignments were handed in, and there was nothing left but to sit back and enjoy the weekend. Firstly on Friday we had poker night. I decided to invite all of Izzy’s friends, and we had the wealth of poker chips well spread out between the 11 of us. It started off slowly cos most of us haven’t played Texas hold-em rules (the last time I played, I was 10 years old)! Anybody who’d lost all their money would be in the corner playing the cult German card game Bohnanza (so addictive)!


On Saturday, the Lakers won their football game. Ivan, Paul and I went to the farm (that’s on the way to the A46) from Kenilworth Rd, and bought a nice Norwegian Spruce pine. Now our kitchen looks more homely. Sas came back from Germany to join us to watch Tom Beyts’ No Man’s Land play. I actually quite enjoyed it. Izzy nit-picked at the German mine disposal lady’s “german accent”. I still think the whole thing was an excuse for Tom to parade guns and fire off as many blanks as he could. Even Sas’s lovely parents went to see the play. Maddy, Paul and I made a pact beforehand that we would have to use the word “underwear” at least once when talking to her parents. This transpired to be too easy because (typically for Tom), there were many scenes where the two soldiers had to (unecessarily) strip down to their underpants. Following the theatre was School Dayz. This was the first one that I had ever been to, it was very enjoyable. We ended up doing some very schoolboyish stuff which was chucking wet tissue on Izzy’s window to get into the right mentality.

Sunday was another chilled out day with absolutely zero revision done. We had a mammoth Sunday roast and I finally got round to watching Casino Royale. 2 Weeks to go…

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