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May 25, 2006

X–Men 3: The Last Yawn

Watching X–Men 3 was like going to pick up Aunty Mary from the airport after she'd been away on holiday. The presents she brought were not as exciting as she made it out to be, and the most exciting thing was probably the drive there, and back. It was a chore you had to do anyway.

So that was X–Men folks! I couldn't remember a single thing in 1 & 2. It had a nice dose of action, and a lot going on, but I think the problem with movies where they're made in 2–parts/triologies/or more is starting to show. A single movie can't hold its own.

Meh! It was a break from revision.

WHAT is the POINT of Mastercard Securecode / Verified By Visa

Its just another bloody PIN to forget

Mastercard Securecode/Verified by Visa is supposed to make online transactions easier and safer! You set up a special online PIN code for online transactions. And frankly its a pile of crap. Its supposed to be more secure as only the cardholder is supposed to be able to make the Securecode/Verified PIN code to prove the cardholder is making the actual purchase. That's still not foolproof as you can see.

But there's only 3 online retailers in the world who probably use it. I had to create a Mastercard securecode 2 weeks ago, because I'd forgotten my Visa code, and now I've forgotten my Mastercard one. ARGHHGHHH

HOW ON EARTH DO YOU EXPECT ME TO REMEMBER 2 different PINs for EACH CREDIT CARD???? 3 credit cards = 6 bloody PIN numbers!!!!! (Excluding debit cards) How am I supposed to renew my domain now huh!?!?

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