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May 24, 2006

CSI Miami ends as well, so now so I can finally revise

Look away now if you're waiting for season 4 to be shown on Channel 5

Erm well that was weird.

Horatio's wife had been murdered in the last episode and you're thinking the final episode is gonna be a great thriller… and time for some real justice. That episode ended up with Delko and Horatio taking a suspect out to the everglades to beat the crap out of him. This was shocking as Horatio never strays from the rule book.

Turns out the final episode was er… it was horrifically dissapointing. It was a little rushed in some ways. The gang was foiled. Riaz caught again. The mole was exposed. That poor cop died and that was about it. The politics of episodes 1–24 were tied in. And Horatio's wife's killer got a deal and is going home to South America so next season they're going to Brazil, for CSI: Rio De Janeirio???? What is going on?

24 Day 5 is over: Nooooooooooooooo

Spoiler warning! Episode 23–24

I can't wait a whole year! To find out what happens next? Poor Jack, I can't remember a time when Jack was happy. Maybe the end of series 3 when he cried cos he was so overwhelmed - that must be the "happiest" time Jack has experienced in the last 6 years. One man, one judge! What a way to go in the last 2 hours. Highlights was the President was pulling that shocked parrot facial expression again when he was being arrested. And the smiles on Martha Logan and Mike "Mole Face" Novik faces got you, you sonofabitch!

I'm glad Aaron made it through the day – what a hero. I'm still very sad about the loss of David Palmer, Michelle and Tony, but most of all Edgar :( waaaaaaaaa …. no one cared about the hobbit. I can't believe Chloe has an ex–husband. They couldn't be a worse match: outspoken + unspoken!

Poor Jack. No peace at the end of this day again. I just want to watch the first 10–minutes of series 1 again to remind myself of happier days…

The wait is until January 2007 people

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