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March 20, 2006

Browsing in Plain Text

I've struggled for 1 week browsing with my Sony Ericsson K608i retarded on 2.5G GPRS 56kbps internet connection. To make matters worse, the normal GSM signal for voice calls is so rubbish here at my sister's flat in SE14 anyway. So I've been having to browse with all images turned off.

A quick call to O2 today, where I pretended to have bought a 3G phone with my contract, spawned a free replacement 3G SIM that should arrive in a weeks time! Unfortunately O2 limit the bandwidth to only 128kbps. Hey! Anything's good. Better milk it whilst data (GPRS and UMTS) is still free on O2!

N.B. This is where Hutchison 3-mobile should take notes. O2 will send me a new SIM in 7-days, unlike last time when 3 took 70-days to get me a working SIM card.

The Dark Samaritan

The majority of Saturday was spent in that big Swedish furniture store called Ikea in Croydon. After we'd lugged four 2.4m-high flat pack wardrobes and ditched the trolley at Home Delivery we were fairly hungry. So we grabbed the obligatory grease at their fast food restaurant: hot dogs and fries which we munched in my sister's car.

But whilst we were scoffing. A lady parked opposite us, approached her own car with a trolley with a big 1m cube. And we painfully watched this 40-year old 5ft 7 woman firstly drive the car out so she could access the boot, then wrestle the cube into her GU05 plate BMW Mini. It wasn't going in. And after 10 or so minutes I had enough of sitting in the back seat of our hatchback, watching this poor woman struggle and I had to get out and help her. With my help and some beating of the box encouragement. The big box fitted snuggly into the back of the Mini. The lady (who sounded Austrian) thanked me and I returned to my sister's car.
When I got back in I jokingly commented:

I now feel that in my heart I have been a good samaritan and done a good deed today. But! I get the best of both worlds, because beforehand I also got to watch her suffer for 10 minutes as she helplessly attempted to wrestle that box into her car! Muhahaha!

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