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January 18, 2006

Belated Christmas at the Sanctuary

Today we finally had xmas/John's birthday/my birthday at home (it had been postponed due to unfortunate events in december). We had a lovely meal cooked by domestic goddesses Lotte and Rachel, who thoroughly stuffed us with roast chicken (turkey sub), roast beef, bacon sausages, and the whole she-bang of vegetables and misc. goodies. And it that wasn't enough, whack on Lotte's home-made Belgian waffles and ice cream :P (they look like this:)

Real Belgian Waffles, made by my favourite Belgian

Anyways I got wonderful wonderful present which I would like to thank 17 friends of mine for, its truly excellent and I'm very excited about it. And OH YES! I have an "I Am The Stig" T-Shirt. Hopefully the Stig I know won't take it off me.

Monkey men run UK Phone network

Follow-up to Giving 3 mobile the 2–fingers from nathanielho :: blog

… result? no service for 47 days! Now That's Customer Satisfaction!

Hey don't call 0870 numbers, especially if its to the mongs at 3-mobile. Call the customer services on 0800 358 6795. And make them pay.
Rachel suggested that I should threaten to call them on their 0800 number for every second I'm disconnected. So that's

47 days = 1128 hrs = 67,680mins

even at a lowly cost of 2p/min

that's a phone bill of 67,680×2p = 1353
(thanks Chris S for spotting the mistake)

Hmmm also sent a complaint letter to their Hutchison 3 UK HQ in Maidenhead and a few phone calls. Turns out they're going to send me a new SIM card. Yippe doo wee. All is great. You can just see flowers sprouting out from behind my desk and singing birds are perched on my shelf.
Except being the mongs they are, they sent it back home without telling me.

Now to decide the fate of the last SIM card they sent me. Death by 10KV or microwave? What do you think?


Stay tuned to find out what happens to the criminal SIM 8944xxxxxxxxxx7444

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