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January 17, 2006

Spooks Series 3

4 out of 5 stars

Goodbye Tom, goodbye Zoe, goodbye… goodb… oh no Danny nooooooooo!

Yes the trio, the team, the three who were there at Spook's inception are now all gone. The series starts off with the answering the cliff hanger of season 2. Tom has to prove his innocence, and enter Adam (or as Sas would call him "Eye Candy") to help him. Adam is a natural authoritive leader. And you know he's going to replace Tom – Not directly, but his job role. Tom ends up becoming very conscious of the job, and by the second episode, he's had enough and goes back to being a civilian.

The episode I didn't get was the one where Danny had a real problem tasked with killing a scientist that manufactured bio-weapons. I found it out of place in this series, and isn't it their job?!

Ruth character develops and you find out more about her and therefore don't think she's a weirdo anymore. And Adam takes control and shows his suave style.

The best episode (6) is the one where Zoe leaves. The story was very well written, and the way that the story is only told through the court room was very well done. And as regards to Danny leaving, well let's not go there… too painful…

Generally, Spooks is great and cool, this was a hoot.

50 Fond Memories (Part II)

Follow-up to 50 Fond Memories (Part I) from nathanielho :: blog

Hanging out with Tom and Sas on his window ledge late at night talking about life and stuff whilst listening to John Legend.

Off-road go-karting on muddy fields. And donoughting with no hands on the wheel.

A young Lorcan Staniland (aged 13 at the time) playing “The Heart Asks Pleasure First” on the piano in the Weymouth House Soiree 2003 (better than Mr Nyman himself – I’ve heard both)!

Going to see my parents.

My Reebok trainers that have served during 2001–2005, endless track, road and go-kart miles (what do you think I’d run in them?).

Watching the AA man break into Adam Murad’s Audi A3 after he locked his keys inside it.

The way Mr Luke used to tell you off for making “derogatory” comments in physics class.

When Mr Omitowuju used to apologise for shouting at us for so long, because all he wanted was us to be good scientists.

The fact that Will’s bike has brakes made by a company called “Hope” – Yes I hope they work too.

The Piano instrument.

Dancing like a lunatic aged 4 in the lounge to “Axel F”.

When Mr Turner (fellow Tynesider by origin) tries to do a Geordie accent but fails miserably. But I can’t do it either anymore.

Our first house in London on Selvege Lane.

Driving a Clio round a racetrack with British GT Champion (unbeknown to me!) Jonathan Cocker as my instructor.

The smell of gun powder hanging in the cold air in the range at school. Shooting was particularly hard there, because keeping the rifle steady is hard enough, without shivering in the cold!

Pretending to be useless to get demoted into the 3rd team in year 10 rugby and find out everyone gets afraid when you try to tackle them. Muahahaha

Colts B team (Year 11), won 1 – lost the rest! Such good fun.

Playing Switched on Classics CD on the Technics Hi-fi with the amp at precisely –63dB as a five-year-old kid.

Our little house in Hickling Court.

The fact that its was always sunny at school during summer. And walks around Mill Hill were always great whatever the season.

Dining at the RAC club.

Someone (blonde) leaving the oven on all winter at 50’C whilst the house was vacant (no risk of frozen pipes in this house!)

After a Lakers Football match, the physicists discuss their answers to questions in the exam they had prior to the match, and Huey said that he got 1.6 as an answer to the probability question!

Doing “All-Nighters” in F211 during my first year, where we played a lot of Rap music to keep us going, but the brothers ended up chilling to Tracy Chapman!

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