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January 16, 2007

Bullitt – I never knew you had to watch movies in a certain order

3 out of 5 stars

Despite being aged one and twenty years. I’ve managed (and so had John) to go through life without watching Bullitt once. We rectified that on Sunday and settled down to watch it. We got through most of it not really knowing what was going on. The humungous lack of dialogue seemed to be the problem. And when the tension was building up there would be some excellent music until someone just switched it off. And the exciting parts were accompanied with silence. John was bored, but I quite enjoyed it. I liked the way how Bullitt’s girlfriend found how shockingly violent people could be back then and the psychological side of being a cop was lightly explored.

Its only when you reflect on the period it was made that you understand why it was good great: 1968 was a very long time ago, and John and I could only imagine how it could have looked when it first came out. The style was quite revolutionary, and I guess if we just watched movies from the 60s, this one would stand out. The editing was apparantly quite a new style and the movie got a few awards in general. But in the days where funky editing is done in normal dramatic TV shows like 24, CSI etc etc, this 1968’s movie didn’t really stand out anymore.

I do appreciate that the style of the things we watched today probably spawned from Bullitt. My only regret is that, I didn’t watch it earlier – before 24 & co. ever came out. That’s why I only think of it as a good movie and not a great one. I never realised til now that there was a specific order of watching movies…

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