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March 11, 2006

Formula 1 is back baby!

Right, I have never been that excited about qualifying in a motor race. I think I understand the rules quite well and all its complications, but I don't think I could explain it to you, so I won't try. I really do miss the V10 engines. Normal V8's on the road, in other motorsport sounds great. But they sound awful in F1. They sound like crappy Champ Cars running on sugar-cane alcohol.

Session 1 15-minute knockout (22nd-17th):
Dude this was exciting with Mr Raikkonen's suspension failure. This resulted in a fantastic 22-car crocodile trying to make the deadline in a 4-minute dash akin to normal university deadlines! Kimi Raikkonen was already P22 with no time set and a car that drives on 2 wheels. And Ralf Schumacher didn't make it either (gutted!)

Session 2 15-minute knockout (16th-11th):
Un surprisngly the Toro Rossos (Minardi to you and me) with their restricted V10s made it through this far but it was still exciting to see who would leave their laps to the very end. Alonso and Fisichella must have been the best students who left their work as late as possible!

Session 3 Top 10 Knockout:
Paul and I anticipated the top 10 to go all out and compromise on their race fuel by going light. Turns out, they fill up heavy just to burn fuel for 10-laps to lighten up the car, then shove on some new tyres for some banzai action at the end.

This isn't qualifying. This is [a plane] circulating Heathrow, dumping fuel on people in Putney and Twickenham's heads.

James Allen

Nice to see Schumacher back on top (I'm not a Schumacher fan). And I don't call Felipe Massa: "Baby Face" for nothing. He looked as if he was gonna cry about missing out on pole position. Fisichella was the real bully of kindergarten today stealing his lap time! Bring on tomorrow's race!

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