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January 06, 2006

Enough is Enough

Follow-up to Day 32 of the Vendetta against 3 mobile from nathanielho :: blog

At precisely 2.14am this morning, whilst lying awake in bed, I had a brainwave. Basically, after last night's call, it seems I'll never get reconnected to 3 (sorry sir, there's nothing we can do, it'll be another 48 hours...) – on the basis they are a useless bunch of monkeys.

I have now found my airtime agreement and would now like Hutchison 3 to prematurely (month 4 of 12) invoke Section 10: Ending this agreement and Disconnection of 3 Services part (c):

No network access or 3 services. We may end your agreement if… we are no longer able to provide 3 Services due to factors beyond our control…

[Because we can't seem to give people the ability to MAKE A DAMN PHONE CALL and we are a bunch of especially dumb breed of monkeys that Darwin's theory of evolution forgot about]

I think I've been patient enough, living over a month (of holidays)without the phone. I think I'll join another network that actually allows people to make phone calls. Now that's a great concept!

24 Series 3

4 out of 5 stars

Well, this has actually taken me close to 1 year to watch! After putting it down in March I finished it in the December holidays. There's nothing like 24, it grips you to watch "just one more" four times over every time. It always goes through so countless twists and turns, that every n_th_ hour you watch, renders the last n-1 hours' work redundant.

Day 3 is about the release of a deadly virus on American soil. Follow Jack Bauer on the 3rd longest day of his life! Jack Bauer deals with Mexican drug lords and ghosts of his past. And President Palmer has to deal with his wife! (again) Can't give any more away!

Approx 1006 mins with 5.1 audio. Just don't try watching with deleted scenes, enabled – man is it annoying!
Bring on days 4 and 5!

Great Heroes: Jack Bauer, Gael, Tony Almeida, Ryan Chappell
The most annoying characters: Kim Bauer, Chl÷e
The biggest beeeeeeches: Sherie Palmer, Nina Myers

Spooks Series 1

4 out of 5 stars

Action packed goodness every boy needs! Spooks is drama that shows typical problems that a modern MI5 team encounters in a very in your face way (and hidden from public knowledge). Its not very full of any happy moments, its just sort of gritty in a british way. I always wondered what my mates Beyts and Berwin were on about. Dude its sooo great! – It is really quite good – even if you did find Tom (Matthew MacFadyen) annoying, you'll grow to respect Tom Quinn.
The (smallish) 6 episodes gets the ball rolling, the television series and the stories (and for a tenner on amazon its not too bad).

I started on Series 4 actually, but you can see the signs of "high staff turnover" already by the second episode. You know there's something wrong with a profession or company that has high staff turnouver! Good fun. Oh and as always, at the end of every series:
Noooooooooooooooooooo! Ellie! Maisy! Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

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