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November 05, 2005

The Piano Sings: Michael Nyman

Michael Nyman is a modern classical composer. What a modern composer ususal does, is write scores and soundtracks for movies. And this is what Michael Nyman is famous for. The film's he's worked on are Gattaca and The Piano. (Yes that's where they came from, not the Lloyd's bank advert!)

So Will, Rach, Matt, Andy, Maddy and I were sitting in the 2nd row yesterday in the Arts Centre (2 down 1 to go). We were shown some Black and White films, whilst he played along to it – was certainly different. I think we lost William to the world of slumber within half an hour. I really don't mind him sleeping during concerts (he did the same thing during Einaudi) – it would probably be the best sleep he ever had (should be! for £10/hour lol).

I thought the whole concert was fairly short. And Mr Nyman didn't say a single word (it was called The Piano Sings after all). Maddy thought his manner was quite comedic, getting up after every set of songs and bowing three times. I did manage to get my London housemate Stig's Piano book signed by him.

Andy said he only really went for The Piano songs. Waiting for those songs was well worth it. As the Stig says, it gives ya goosebumps. Although Mr Nyman himself hit a few wrong notes whilst playing The Heart Asks Pleasure First.

He played music from:
The Diary of Anne Frank
The End of the Affair
The Claim
The Piano

Best songs: The Morrow and The Departure from Gattaca, Big My Secret, Silver-Fingered Fling, and The Heart Asks Pleasure First from The Piano.

Cruising like a Grandad

Something really weird happened today: I drove home to London this weekend (last week was Newcastle). And for the first time ever, I really did cruise all the way home at 70–75mph. Everything happens so much slowly, plenty of time to react, the world moves very slowly, but in a nice way. Probably had something to do with the concert last night…
It started off with the M45 contra-flow and when I got out of it, I was trundling along at 70mph and there the needle stayed for the next hour and half. I didn't even hit 80 (record!), until you reach the end section of the M1 (junctions 6 to 1), where the air is miraculously denser and Oxygen content is air is 30% (ok I did 82). And to be honest, at this "slow" pace, I got home only 5mins slower than usual.

You know when you drive on the same roads over and over again, you end up recognising what turn's coming next (even on A1, M1 motorways!). Well when you're on the slow lane, the world looks very different from there!

Now off to Rob's Fireworks party in Loughton (hopefully there won't be any shed burning this year).

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