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May 05, 2006

King Kong beats my Brains in

King Kong
4 out of 5 stars

OUCH! How LONG is that movie. It has the essential long scenes showing the island's beauty etc blah de blah, but even Jane Austin would have fallen asleep watching that movie (and she likes her rubbish details like that).

It was good, nice setting, nice characters. I liked King Kong himself. I agree that the movie should be that long, but I will never ever spend 3 hours watching it again in my life. Watch at your own peril.

Go Live in a Tent and Eat Lentils™

Today I went to a lecture by specialist in the energy and environment industry, who give a good talk about the inherent problems in the world that goes beyond oil. Very interesting, once again I left one of these lectures, realising just how screwed we really are! There's the last 140 years left of oil, that will be prioritised for plastics and pharmaceuticals. No oil left to power my Aston Martin in future :(

The only solution to the fuel crisis is to do what is says in the title of this blog entry. Overall it was a very good way to revise for my energy module :P Don't try to fix the fuel crisis, embrace it!

Go Live in a Tent and Eat Lentils is an unregistered Trademark of Chris Payne Industries.

The library has TWO sections???

Follow-up to There are more than 3 floors in the library? from nathanielho :: blog

Following up yesterday's fantastic discovery that is the library, today was the first time I went to the section across the bridge. Wow they have books there too! Unfortunately, hay fever has kicked in a bit earlier this year – I guess 3 days spent rolling about on the grass hasn't helped.

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