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December 04, 2006

TV Licensing are back

Follow-up to TV Licensing annoyed my sister big time from nathanielho :: blog

Have you had that wonderful letter notifying you that you are now a listed on the “database” for not having a TV licence in recent weeks? It really does stir up the blood.

Firstly they called me up to ask why I hadn’t renewed my old licence at home… that’s because my dad had bought one if they’d bothered to look in the first place. Then I enquired about the whereabouts of the licence I got for our uni flat kitchen 9 weeks ago. Ah! Its been sent to Cryfield 159. Thanks, this wouldn’t be a problem apart from the tiny technicality that I live on the other side of campus in Heronbank you wassorks! Then it took about another 10mins to spell out the address and the correct order of the flat number. I’m sorry could you spell it out for me?

H is for Hateful
E is for Exacerbated
R is for Riled
O is for Outraged
N is for Numpty
B is for Bastards
A is for Agitate
N is for Nettled
K is for knockout

Give me my licence and pee off!!

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