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May 04, 2006

There are more than 3 floors in the library?

News to me.
Today was the first time that I ever went higher than the 2nd floor on the library! I didn't know there was a 5th floor! I've never borrowed a book either! (I'm an engineer). First time for everything I guess. You might just see me holding a book next time I'm in there.

On another note, the historians/politicians were having seminars on the grassy knoll outside the BP Archive centre in the late afternoon sun, with beers! What are they like!? (Did someone shout Lib Dem?)

Oh, and I've forgot to vote. I can either postal vote for a place I don't live anymore (Stanmore, Middlesex) or vote in the local Tile Hill church, Coventry – a place I won't live in anymore after this term. This gives me the power to screw over one of these areas, and do a runner.

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