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July 02, 2007

Barmouth 2007

Barmouth 2007 - 1

Ah the return to Barmouth. Originally in my dream plan, we would have all gone. Everyone in the two flats. Though it ended up just being Will, his brother, Tom P, Lotte, Rach, Matt, me and the exciteable German. The journey was very wet, with heavy rain scattering over all the twisty roads. The journey was also very long as we took one wrong turning, which pointed us in the wrong direction - I should have studied the map more before I set off meh I'm male! Whenever you take a wrong turning in North Wales, don't think you can fix it. Its just not possible to continue on and rejoin later. We eventually made it after dark. Very late, and wet. Greeted again by that mammoth climb up the hill with suitcases and weekend bags.

Will's house now has a broadband internet connection up there. Allowing prolonged stays there with the teleworking capability. Personally I prefered it being disconnected from world - no internet, poor phone reception - perfect for relaxation.

Barmouth 2007 - 2

In the morning, I was first up at 9.30am. I find I get up earlier when I am a free man with nothing to do, than when I have exams/revision to do.  With no one else up, I spent the morning taking a few pictures in the garden. The sky was a bit grey with mist sitting on the shoulders of the adjacent mountains. Once again, the view from the top was spectacular. The day continued to be quite grey. At least it didn't rain. When everyone was up (by about midday), we headed down to Goodies for breakfast/brunch. The rest of the day was spent walking around the petit town and the beach. Izzy acted as if she'd never seen the sea before, and took the oppourtunity to splash her feet in the cold cold Atlantic waters. I tried it later at 11pm - I came out with ice cubes for toes.

The afternoons were spent watching TV mainly. We went through a strange Pride & Prejudice phase. We watched the whole BBC series again during the weekend -  and this time we had Will's brother as a follower. Apparently I do a good Mrs Bennett voice! Oh Mr Bennett!! My poor nerves!!! oOOOhh!

(C) Nathaniel Ho 2007

Sunday was a good day, we were blessed with half a day of sunshine. We ran to the beach. Izzy and I swam, my hopes for a warm North Atlantic drift came true, but for some reason I was still quite cold. Then we simply laid on the beach soaking in a bit of sun, whilst Matt read out some Harry Potter. In the evening, I was barbecue controller. And of course being a proper barbecue, it rained. Still was a good meal though.

So that was it, another brief trip to north wales after exams, to sit around, do nothing and relax. Thanks Will!

(C) Nathaniel Ho 2007

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