October 19, 2004

Birmingham city – Aston University

Anyone who is doing UCAS at present, especially in Business and Management might be interested in Aston University, if not for first choice so could be for insurance one then.
Firstly, have to say this is not an advertisement or any of its kind, just because I have been to Birmingham this weekend and by the way visited Aston University. As what I experienced in those 2 days, I think it may be helpful advice for anyone who finds difficulties in choosing Universities to fill in the form. Personally I think 6 choices are a bit too many, causing lots of students getting headache!
The most impressive thing of the University is that although it is actually in the city centre (just 5–10 mins walking to the shopping centre), Aston has green surrounding environment, with lots of trees and even a small lake (+ducks) in the middle of the campus, not only stupid high buildings like some other Uns. The resident hall contains a range of over-10-floor buildings, so if you are lucky, you can have a very good view over the city from your bed room!!!
The first impression when entering any hall is modern and luxury (in bedroom, kitchen, etc..), Internet wireless in every room, so no more long Internet cable go round the room.
But all the things stated above are not the main attractivenesses of Aston. They actually lie outside the campus, including the shopping centre (not Oxford street but Birmingham shopping centre is the biggest one in the UK and one of the biggest in Europe – Londoners do not belieave can visit and judge by yourself!); the China Town (it is clearly smaller than London one and there's no Vietnamese rest, but definately much much cheaper than London and Brighton and … delicious "5 pound for lunch, eat as much as u can, very nice foods"; foods not only cheap in China Town but also everywhere in Birmingham, on/off campus, so unbelievable!); the indoor/outdoor market (chợ trời), just like Vietnamese market, very noisy but super cheap and including lots of fresh food, vegetable, etc..

Humm, seems like I said Aston to be too good, certainly it has bad points as well, the Internet sys on campus does not work so smoothly, the speed looks horrible, smth like that
But anyway, it's nice place to go for, isnt it????
And if you dont want to live there, you still can enjoy all those wonderful things by going to Warwick Uni _, just 20 mins on luxury Virgin train, costs you 2 pound in daytime and only 1 pound in the evening, good, isnt it???

In conclusion, please remind you that this is NOT an advertisement!

October 16, 2004

Please have a look at my galleries!

There are lots of cool and funny things there
U even may find your pics

Please have a look and leave me a comment here
so I could improve it to be better
eg: if u cannot find your pics there, u could send me one


October 14, 2004

This weekend, week 3

I think this weekend I'll go to Birmingham to visit Chris-sama
I'll go on Fri afternoon and back on Sat night
So will not be avai on campus at that time
Leave me a message or call to my mobile in case of emergency

If you need to buy anything from Birm (espe from China Town), do let me know as soon as poss

My Christmas

Hi everybody
I'm going home this Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
home, sweet home…..
and here the details for anybody who interested in

Cathay Pacific
Outbound :
CX 252 London Heathrow (LHR) – Hong Kong (HKG)
Sat 4th Dec 11:35 – 07:50
CX 793 HKG - Hanoi (HAN)
Sun 5th Dec 09:00 – 10:00

Return :
CX 792 HAN - HKG
Fri 31st Dec 19:10 – 22:00
CX 255 HKG - LHR
Sat 1st Jan 00:25 – 06:20

Thank you for everybody helped me to find the best deal and book the ticket.

Anyone who wish to contact me during the period I'm in Vietnam (between 04/12/2004 - 01/01/2005 please do through email or this website)

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