July 07, 2014


Before doing the pma, as a group we conducted an audit for each aspects of Asset Management for WaveRiders. I think we were the only group who did that during the presentation work. At the beginning it looks like non-sense and had a lot of work, I understand and use the advantage of having an audit while doing this pma. It saved me a lot of time and helped me to draw my way such as picking facility management to consider about WaveRiders. Facility Management is a broad subject so you don’t need to get in too much detail with every element. Also facility management covers significant aspects in the work place where WaveRider had the biggest problem. While doing this pma, I get into more details and examples in addition to our 5 year plan of facility management and try to implement a Knowledge Management plan after each year. During the process of this work after the module, I faced with some facility management problems inside the campus as well. Maybe I was so querulous or it was because I was in a process of “facility management consultant”, the construction around and inside the campus and also the opening-closing times of the places affected me and most of the postgraduates as well. I complained about it in my blog and facebook page of the university even knowing that nothing will chance, at least for this year… Hope someone will take it into consideration and in the following years there will be a better working environment and facility management in the campus. In this assignment, you cannot separate asset and knowledge management from each other. It is like one of them is the theory and one of them is the practice of that theory to learn how to make it sustainable. Me and my group tried to make the best for WaveRiders to achieve excellence and actually not sad about not going to hear about that company again! J

July 01, 2014

Facility Management: Warwick

As everybody knoows, after 27th of June the summer term ends in University of Warwick and everything starts to change in the way of opening times, constructions in lirary, roads etc. However the problem is there are still students in the campus which are postgraduates. No matter they call this term summer vacation, it's not a vacation for us, unortunately. Even it is the most important time of the year for us because of our dissertation. I wish it is a "summer vacation for us as well instead of struggling in campus because of those external factors which collapses our "learning environment"... In my point of view, this is kind of a facility management problem of the university. I know everbody have right on their side but there is a reality for us, here is what I shared on facebook page of WMG and Warwick:

"I don't know what is going around campus but its okey that if the uni doesn't want us (postgrads) to live on campus anymore instead of putting us in a labirent as a rat while trying to reach to library from heronbank&lakeside! Or more easily just lock us in our rooms until September... What a nice and motivating environment to finish our dissertation..."

Now I will move to Waverider's facility management problems and find a solution for them...

June 08, 2014

End of another module and whole year: MBE

Yes, it's hard to believe that already 8,5 months past since we started our journey: MBE! The last module, which was Knowledge Based Asset Management was about how can a firm use its assets more effectively by using its knowledge from inside and also outside of the organisation. In the last two weeks, it was only our own findings, research, assumptions and ideas about achieving the aim of this module which all 4 groups have different way of understanding for a 5 year plan and solution & tools or WaveRiders. I think we were the only group who did a real auditing for each element of Asset Management of Waveriders by using real auditing company's questions and examples to see and assume in which parts Waveriders are facing with problems and needs a strategical plan by using Asset and Knowledge Management. In this teamwork during the preparation of final presentation, I had my highest outcome of learning. As I mentioned in the previous entries, the effectiveness and distribution of work has an important role on this also. However, in the begining I was not sure that how can be Asset management and Knowledge management will help Waveriders to achieve excellence but after sharing of ideas and also after seeing other groups presentations which each of them focused on different perspectives because everybody has their own different understandings about the topic, at the end I have an answer for that question. In addition to that, we quite analysed and did some good job for the portfolio as well such as auditing and summarising of each element which all these will help me to focus more easily on my pma question and for sure help me to save time which is essential during these weeks for my dissertation.

In this 8,5 months, I learned a lot but now I don't feel like where and how I am going to use all these things in my life but I am sure one day when I become a manager or CEO or have my own business, I am going to remember each of different topics and studies in different situations/crisis. During the module week, we did lot for both presentation and also for the pma as well so I am planning to be done with my pma as soon as possible and my post-module blogs won't take a long time such as spread to 4 weeks which is the amount of time given for the pma. However, I will try to share if I can find something interesting about this topic or even something else which may help all of us in our journey until the end of August. Good luck!

June 05, 2014

Nice Work, Team!

After our hard-working times and effective group meeting from the first day of the module, we achieved to finish our presentation by this Tuesday, 3 days before the presentation day! Maybe our groupwork was also a real example of knowledge management. We did this knowledge management by planning the meetings from the first day, added our prior knowledge about the subject and dividing the subject/tasks under Asset and Knowledge Management between all group members. Each of us presented their own parts about the topic and shared the knowledge that they gained. In addition to these, we created portfolio's everyday and also about the work done in Asset an Knowledge Management to review the material that we made by ourselves. By doing all these, we saved time by not reading the all material but listening and learning from the presentations about the knowledge that our group members gained. As a result of summarising the assigned parts and presenting them to the group, we put all the materials and knowledge together and did the final presentation for the presentation day. Indeed, I get tired during the group work, especially in the auditing part for each parts, I enjoyed being a member of this group and this reflected to my effectiveness as an outcome. There were no discussions but useful arguments and ofcourse fun in the meetings.

In this 2 weeks, we were trying to make Waveriders a learning oranisation by using Knowledge Based Asset Management and I think we create a learning organisation as a group where there was a sharing of knowledge, everyone was open to new ideas and motivated without no competition and interesting and sometimes funny ideas.

As Miriam mentioned, it was the best team I have worked with so far for me as well! I would like to thank you all my group members for making this work fun and I think a very good outcome as a presentation. And also thanks for Miriam to be forceful sometimes! :) Good luck for us on Friday!

Workshop & Human Error

In the workshop, the main topic was based on human errors and there were some interesting statistics about human errors in situation awareness such as 77% of errors occur because of the “Gathering Information”, 20% of errors occur because of “Interpretation” and just 3% of them because of “Anticipation”. Gathering information is divided into unavailable information, unobserved, difficult to detect and overload of information. On the other hand, Interpretation covers incorrect mental model and anticipation shows that not having estimated error.

As I mentioned in my previous blogs about the mining disaster happened in Soma, Turkey couple of weeks ago where 301 (officially) ,that I never believe the official number that government announced, workers dead because of an explosion (which is the surface cause mentioned by the company and media...). If we analyse this case in the workshop that we did on Monday; all the causes of gathering info, interpret and anticipate may be on the list. Human errors are higher than technical errors in organisations however minimising risk and providing the highest level of jo security will pull the human errors close to technical errors level. However human errors will never finish and come to zero because we are humans, we born to make mistakes and learn from our mistakes. The important think is learning from our mistakes and not repeating them again. I know we all bored of hearing these but we never carry them out...

Knowledge Management

As in the Asset Management part in our group work, we shared the each subtopics under the Knowledge Management part of our presentation. This saved us time and also gave the opportunity of review all the subject from other group members by presenting their parts. My part was KM Tools. In the begining when I read the moodle page and literature, I couldn't find any relation between KM tools and asset management and also how they will be useful in the whole knowledge management process. However after our group meeting for Knowledge Management, each of us presented their parts and put the pieces together. When I first read about the narrative tool which is about telling stories to achieve powerful results in communication & change, it sound pointless and weird to me. But after I remembered about my previous professors and elders, introducing new ideas by purposeful narrative are mosre powerful and catchy than presentations and meeting. Also in this year, Paul was trying to use this during our reflection time in the begining of our modules.

May 31, 2014

Group meeting 3

After having a knowledge and identifying the problems about Facility Management and Security for Waveriders as my part, in the third meeting there was a brief of each part done by each members to have a knowledge about other parts in the Asset Management and to see if there was a missing part etc. Later all the time spent on revising and putting all the slides together to form a final presentation for the AM part with some arrangements because of we have a limited time but dozens of information to mention. At the end of the day, we achieved our objectives of this week and done with the Asset Management part and next step is to start to Knowledge Management and again it was divided into parts for each team member to read and summarise for the next meeting. While doing the 5 year plan for my part by identifying the problems, I gained useful knowledge from the material such as even for the "spaces" in a workplace /factory, there is a management to run it effectively. Also there are really useful benefits of facility management which I never thought about them such as it can minimize/avoid the costs and maximize the employee productivity with changing the work environment by not "touching" and chaning employees routines. Also outsourcing sometimes seems like a waste of money for a special firm however it is well explained such as: "let someone else have the problem, just write a check" Levitt (1997)in basics words.

In addition to these while talking about facility management, safety and security issues, it was useful for me to understand how to reduce risks of work accidents and significance of emergency plans because 2 weeks ago, on 13 May 2014, an explosion at a coal minein Soma, Manisa, Turkey, caused an underground mine fire, which burned until 15 May. In total, 301 people were killed in what was the worst mine disaster in Turkey's history. The only reason for this was not having precaution by the mining company and not auditing properly, unfortunately... And it was not an accident, it was a massacre... Hope this kind of a disaster never happen again and this literature won't stay just in words.

Group Meeting 2

This meeting was mostly about the audits that we all found for our parts and honestly it was the most boring part for all of us but it should be done anyway. So after couple of hours spent on auditing Waveriders and identifying problems, we decided to:

Please fill out the DMAIC SHEET (identify 2-3 Main issues)
First fill out DMA
READ ON KBAM CONTEXT PAGE and use The Original Resources
Then fill out IC with the help of the literature


CREATE A 5 YEAR PLAN for the topics
Year 1: , Year 2:, Year 3, Year4, Year 5.

After te meeting, next step was analyzing the audits of my part and identify the two main problems which is going to be solved with our consultancy.It was though to fill all of these and took more time than I expected and now I understand where that 40 hours should be spent for each of us... Working in an audit company was one of my last choices while I was applying for jobs and after today I understand that I was right! For couple of hours I really feel myself like I was working in a consultancy or an audit firm but at the end outcome was very useful and even I was suprised what I did! There was a real example of an DMAIC and a 5 year plan to improve Waveriders and when we are going to put all our parts together I am sure there will be a nice Asset Management part for our presentation with that hard work.

Group Meeting 1

Our first group meeting was after the first class. What was asking from wasto help WaveRiders develop its approaches to asset and knowledge management to meet the criteria of the European Excellence Model and present a 5-year plan for the Board of WaveRiders that shows how it should develop its Asset and Knowledge management practices and develop a Portfolio.We scheduled that 40 hours in two weeks and also will have individual study time except group meetings. As a group we dentified the problems in Waveriders company and linked them with the EFQM enablers and results. We decided to first do Asset Management part for this week so the material should be read for the next meeting. In addition to this, after asking Paul about the details of the presentation, we needed an Audit checklist for each aspects of Asset management and it is divided into parts between group members. After the meeting, I tried to find some short and clear audit checklist about my part and tried to read the whole material but I was not successfull and fall asleep... :) But it was important that we know where are we going and what should we follow and try to get ready for the second meeting.

Came to an end with the final module: KBAM

Knowledge Based Asset Managment

On the schedule, it seems like module will take 2 weeks however when I see the program those 2 weeks will be organised by us by try to learn by ourselves again. Compare to other management done before, it is a physical asset management however we should combine what we have learned, applied and experienced from whole year for this asset management which helps you to create processes. As Paul mentioned, each of the topics can be a Master's degree which are seperate specilization of different managements. Everything in this module that we are trying to come up with a presentation should be a real life example so there are no more definitions and explanations and the most important is currency for this module is time, which seems a lot "2 weeks" but probably it won't be enough, as always... Another different thing that we have to consider about this module is creating a portfolio. The last time I made a portfolio was in my first year at high school but this is different and academic but with a same logic to show our work during our process & meetings. I think it will help me during my PMA as well. While working on our presentations, the knowledge from Deming's System of Profound Knowledge, EFQM, Six Sigma measures and also leadership will help and shows us diffeent ways to come up with. The first thing done is reading about the literature and start moving! It will be a though two weeks because time is passing for our dissertations as well so again and again time management will play a significant role for upcoming two week!

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