February 12, 2006

Another day

finally got the hang of gram staining, and how to use microscopes. After the first weeks disaster this week was a dramatic change

But its all good fun

– and the highlight of this week was thursdays Nando's outing with the badminton guys. it was a good night out.

Anyway – must journey home


October 28, 2005

interesting day

well its been an exciting day

having spent all of yesterday in banbury, all of last night in score, it was a slightly fatigued me that staggered up to lectures this morning.
the virology course that started today seemed slightly more exciting, but not at 9am
and then we had the labs.
5 hours of titrating

oh well
and to top it all off, this evening i managed to rub chillie into my eye
that hurts – really it is awful
the burning sensation takes about half hour to go away, and the redness and swelling the same.

but anyway
i go home tomorrow, to wonderful northampton

but ill be back, just in time for an exciting agents of infectious diseases test.


October 23, 2005

Another day

when you look through your notes you are lead to believe that writing up labs wont be too hard. how wrong they are.
maybe its just the fact that im really bad at writing any form of report, possibly a major factor, or maybe its just very confusing.

oh well, live and let live as they say

and its never going to get done if i keep sitting here writing stuff

back to the real world again then

October 16, 2005

back from home

for some unknown reason i decided to open a blog today

who knows why — – i dont

neway, i have returned from the mundane life of northampton and home, back to the similarly boring reality of the work attached to university life. the work we seem to get ranging from relatively easy, to stupidly difficult – this week choosing to be fairly hard

oh well

you dont get something for nothing do you

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