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Blogbuilder Update

Blogbuilder was updated this afternoon with a few nice new things that people may have noticed:

  • Galleries have been made slightly prettier
  • In JavaScript enabled browsers, clicking on an image now brings it up on an overlay on the screen, to allow for a better experience. The icons on the image (for logged in users) allow for modification of the image as before
  • You can now sort galleries by date
  • The "insert an image" popup when creating an entry has been improved so that thumbnailed images act the same way as gallery images
  • If you write entries about certain topics, it may be auto tagged.
  • At the bottom of entries and comments, if they were posted today or yesterday, they say "Today" or "Yesterday" as opposed to the date

Comments and problems to the usual place, as always.

Blogbuilder Update

There has been a small update to Blogbuilder this morning that sees some slight changes and improvements, as below:

  • The "Insert an image" popup when you click the link next to the box on the create an entry screen has been revamped to make it easier and less complicated
  • The "latest discussions" list now has the number of different contributors to the discussion on the tooltip. You can also see this for comments on all entries now (just the number of different logged in users)
  • We are working on tweaking the topics that reach "People are currently discussing…" in order to make it so that the list updates more frequently and more new entries appear on there
  • You can now see the IP address of comments on entries on your blog
  • There has been a lot of help added for gallery and image tasks

If you have any comments, please post them below.

BlogBuilder update

Follow-up to Modifying image tags from Blogbuilder news

A new version of BlogBuilder was released and deployed this morning, with the following changes and improvements:

  • You can now access your blog in any case – so, for example, you've been forced to give out your blog name in lowercase in the past ( but now you can give it out in any arrangement (, and it should work
  • When you click on the "Create entry" hyperlink directly it should take you to a screen that allows you to select from the full range of options for creating an entry. This is mainly for users who don't have JavaScript browsers and so cannot see the dropdown
  • There has been a minor tweak where you can still access the dropdown box even when you increase the text size
  • You can now tab out of the "Tags" field on the edit entry page, and you should also now see multi-word (with underscore) tags in the suggestions
  • The "Edit tags" screen (see previous entry) now includes tags from images.
  • You can now select as many tags to see on the sidebar as you want (from Admin -> Appearance)
  • Users who aren't logged in have to answer the anti-spam question to send emails to you through your blog

And an update on the problems we've been having with Favourites – we still haven't worked out what the problem is, but we're working on it. It seems to have occurred since we upgraded BlogBuilder to use Java 5 and the latest version of JBoss, which doesn't explain why this is happening, sorry.

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