November 23, 2005

BlogBuilder update

We've done a few minor changes to BlogBuilder in the last week or so. Primarily we've been upgrading some of the stuff on the server side that you wouldn't notice. We've upgraded to Java 5 and JBoss 3.2.7 which makes things easier for us and improves performance. You may have noticed a few small moments of downtime but hopefully nothing too annoying.

A few small changes that you might or might not notice or care about:

  • My comments now correctly shows entries that have recently had non logged in comments. Before it was only pushing entries to the top that had recent logged in comments
  • Improved accessibility of the comments popup windows as per Alan's suggestion
  • RSS feeds now have comment counts in them for readers that support this

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  1. Steve Rumsby

    Might these changes be the reason why I've had a few of these recently:

    type Exception report
    description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.
    note The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the Apache Tomcat/5.0.30 logs.

    I got one just now, when trying to look at my Favorite Blogs page (link), if anybody wants to dig about in the logs…

    23 Nov 2005, 15:35

  2. That is a truely strange error. It also happens for me, but only intermittantly and for some reason there is no further stack trace to help me track it down. I'll have to just keep my eye out for it happening elsewhere/more often.

    23 Nov 2005, 15:54

  3. Seems to be fixed now with a restart, please let me know if it happens again.

    23 Nov 2005, 16:49

  4. I had a good few of them the other day, and also found that at some points the whole blog site stopped responding. I assume the unresponsiveness was due to the transfer but i'll report any more of those mysterious errors.

    23 Nov 2005, 21:59

  5. Steve Rumsby

    Just happened to me again, for the "My Favorites" page as usual…

    24 Nov 2005, 13:47

  6. Steve Rumsby

    And normally it only happens once, occasionally twice, and then the page loads properly. I must be on my 6th or 7th reload now, in the space of a few minutes, and it still doesn't work. Further investigation required, I think…

    24 Nov 2005, 13:51

  7. How depressing :( I'll try and look into it

    24 Nov 2005, 13:57

  8. Any luck on the error front yet – my favourites fail to load nine times out of ten.


    24 Nov 2005, 14:44

  9. Right, I think we are fixed now. It was a problem with our Jboss 3.2.7 upgrade. Please let me know if you see it again.

    24 Nov 2005, 16:02

  10. Steve Rumsby

    Just happened again – sorry Kieran:-)

    24 Nov 2005, 17:22

  11. It just happened to me! Very distressing…

    24 Nov 2005, 19:56

  12. Hmmm…that's a damn shame :(

    24 Nov 2005, 21:09

  13. Working now though! So all is not lost :) Its seems very random.

    24 Nov 2005, 21:20

  14. I've put in some more logged that might help me track it down, but I can't reproduce it this morning. If it happens to someone, please let me know and tell me at what time it happened.


    25 Nov 2005, 10:12

  15. Luke Blackwell

    I've not been able to log in for a few days now. Not that I have anything interesting to say, but my user/password isn't being recognised.

    25 Nov 2005, 19:18

  16. Okay my favourites is doing this really fun thing now where it just loads not at all. Blankness, and no error message or 'warwick blogs cannot be found' like Mozilla normally tells me for things like that!

    25 Nov 2005, 23:54

  17. That's what I've been getting for the past of couple of days too – any ideas as to why?

    26 Nov 2005, 12:20

  18. Steve Rumsby

    Yup me too – a completely blank "My Favourites" page.

    28 Nov 2005, 09:51

  19. Mine's working fine… :)

    28 Nov 2005, 11:41

  20. Steve Rumsby

    So's mine, now. But it wasn't then, and I did try several times, honest.

    28 Nov 2005, 11:58

  21. I'm finding the same as Eleanor, Naomi, Steve et al. My favourites link won't display anything at all, almost (but not quite) 100% of the time. IE and Firefox seem equally afflicted.

    28 Nov 2005, 13:02

  22. Steve Rumsby

    And now it is broken again…

    28 Nov 2005, 13:54

  23. Mine hasn't been working for a few days either – I just checked a minute or two ago and it still wasn't loading.

    28 Nov 2005, 14:06

  24. Steve Rumsby

    It worked for me first thing this morning, but not at all since. Blank page every time. It isn't related to load, is it?

    29 Nov 2005, 12:16

  25. John Dale

    It's hard to be sure, I'm afraid; it's a very tricky error to pin down. Matters are complicated slightly by the fact that Kieran is enjoying a week's holiday so we probably won't make more headway until he's back on Monday 5th Dec. Sorry about that.

    29 Nov 2005, 14:34

  26. Steve Rumsby

    I thought he was being a bit quiet! Too busy enjoying the snow, I expect. Or watching Maggie enjoy the snow, anyway:-) Well, it appears to be working for me at the moment, so I'll enjoy it while I can. I'm sure we can cope until Kieran returns…

    29 Nov 2005, 14:51

  27. Same for me for the last few days – almost all of the time my favourites come up as a blank page…


    01 Dec 2005, 17:46

  28. Luke Blackwell

    I finally signed in… sort of… there's quite a few strange goings on for me though. And that's without looking at my favourites.

    Firstly, the one that carries through is that all of the pages still give me a link to sign in, even though I have. I know I've signed in because when I go to my own blog, I can create an entry – and have done so. Something tells me that my signed-in status isn't being carried round with me properly.

    Then I pay a visit to the good old recent entries page, and when I go to comment I indeed find that I'm not signed in. Even though I am… or not… if that makes sense…

    Finally… pleeeease let us alumini have some more priviliges! It's a little annoying being able to read certain blogs but not comment on them just because I've left Warwick behind.

    04 Dec 2005, 01:17

  29. John Dale

    Not really the place to report problems, Luke; can you email blogs@warwick with details of the problem – the usercode you're using, the date and time you tried to log in, and the symptoms. Thanks.

    04 Dec 2005, 08:21

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