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October 21, 2009

Some viewpoints of OL 2

In my opinion, every organisation can ba treated as a ' learning orgaisation'. The world is changing rapidly. If u dont wanna develpo ur organisation by obsorbing, analysing and learning new knowledge, ur organisation might close down soon. Of course, if ur organisation is a monopoly or u dont wanna have ur organisation a long life, please ignore what has been said above.

Paul askes for what I find important by researching this topic. Well, the content in last entry is just what I will mention tomorrow. Here let me talk about it a little deeper.

The words I posted last night were the key points of OL. From them I can see OL is a useful and supportive tool to support EFQM. It focuses on people's management and devlopment,   provides systematic and logical ways to organisations to train their staff for better self assessment, and can bring changes to an organisation. Therefore, OL is a 'must have' for every company.

However, Foil and Lyles gave us a graph said it s not true that the more OL used the more the company can develop in 1985. I think it s quite right. Just like the relationship between chocolate and meals. Chocolate can give you new tastes rather than food and sometimes it can help you. But, it is not the main food we should eat. If we eat too much Chocolate, our health can also be very bad. So, we should have a balance on chocolate and meals. The same as OL and EFQM.

Though OL is not a new topic for business world nowadays, it is still worth talking about. How can we assess our organisation performance with the help of OL, how can we balance it with EFQM, and how can we use the extend konwledge of OL for better performance  can spend us a lot to research. This is what I think finally.

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