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April 16, 2010


though this module is over, i still thinking, in application, can we usa a XBAM theory, which is like DFX. X can be everything.

knowledge is quite big concept. differnt ppl have different thoughts of knwoledge. if we have the same kind of presentation to our customers in the future, i guess, if we say we r gonna use KBAM, those mangaers might gonna look down upon us because they have better knowledge in the filed and we just consultants :).

so, if i run a consultant coompany, i would do the ENBAM, Environment based asset management,  instead of KBAM. KBAM is too big to achive, but ENBAM is more specific and more concentrated on one aspect. we give our consulting service to customers based on the environmental friednliness and coach them to manage the assets based on how to treat the environment good whilst manage ur assets well. of course, if u like, u can run a Manufacturing based asset management company or reliability based asset management company so that we can cooperate :)

and, i think information system is crucial to many companies nowadays. unless u r persistent on hand made little factory, u might need this system. unlike traditional human based system, i think the computerised information system can make ur work more efficient and more organised. such efficiency cannot be defeated by the tradidtional human based system. imagine, u just need 5 min. to get the total amount of asset, but u might take 2-3 days to calcuate by hand. which one would u choose? someone might say, such system is expensive. tell u a truth, it not right. nowadays there r many companies doing these business and they can give u chaep but good customer experience system. just like my uncle's supermarket, a small software company is providing the software and system to it. the annual payment for those new graduates who own the company is just 10000- 20000 pounds. thats not a big sum compared to the total sales. so,  my uncle can get what he expects and those graduates achieve their values, why not?

just some thought after KBAM

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