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April 12, 2010

the possibility of making wastes to assets

it s so interesting to reasearch this topic. especially when u r on life cycle management.

we produce rubbish everyday. some of them r reusable while some r not. take me myself as an example, i m not kind of 'wasting person' but i still produce 2 bags of rubbish a week ( as big as tesco's plasti bag). of course, they r not assets to me-- i cant reuse them and they cant produce value to me. however, i m a kind of person who saves lots of half used paper--just like envelopes. i use the blank place of them to take notes, write down sth urgent etc. it s good. i try my best to save the world, aint i?

but the question is, r these envelopes and paper my asset?

ok, maybe i m just a passer by to many of u, take my uncle's supermarket as another example. his supermarket is the biggest in a city in my province. u all should know that as a big big supermarket, there r thousands of paper packages everyday. so my uncle sells the right of purchasing these boxes, cans, whatever to his uncle, abt 800 quid a month. then my uncle's uncle sell these rubbish to some facturies or manufacturers for price difference. maybe 3 yrs later, my uncle's uncle married a 20 yr old girl when he was 70.

from my uncle's case we can see that those rubbish r my uncle's assests. they can bring benefit to my uncle's supermarket. to my uncle's uncle, they r more important---he makes living on them. so we can see our rubbish and wastes can reaally be treated as assets. this is what i ve never imagined before. how can those stink paper boxes value that much? they r going to die, aint they?

so another question comes, how can we calculate the value of these rubbish?

it s said that uk will build up some rubbish burning power stations and the whole country will mainly depend on the power from rubbish. So think abt it, if i still stay here that time and my 2 bags of rubbish will be usable! they can contribute to our own good and protect the environment, hooray!!

but more questions come. how much r they? how will the government calculate the value of them? per bag? per kilo? per ton? will i get any refund on electricity and council tax?

and if i were my uncle, i wont sell my assets for 800 quid a month. they r more valuable that those politicians think. so how much will u pay me a month?

so it s quite interesting to think abt it in practise

and u can never underestimate the power of ur rubbish!

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