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March 04, 2010

hoshin kanri in practice

today i wanna talk abt hoshin kanri in practice

it s so pleasing to learn this management term. to me, who wanna control and do everything if i own a business or a gig, this term is really useful and practical. by studying this term i can make my ppl know what exactly i want and how they can do their best. OMG, why didnt i know this term before organising my previous show?

to make ur ppl know the vision and goals and devote to them, i think it s what a successful leader should do. hoshin kanri's catchball process, i think is an ideal term to deploy. it can let everyone in the company know what the boss want and the boss can ensure everyone knows it. as this process might make stakeholders get involved, i suggest, keep ur business secret carefully

one more thing is, i think, in real life, we more or less use hoshin kanri but not in a systematic or theoratical way. we know what the boss wants, we know how to satisfy him and satisfy ourselves, so that we work. the boss, of course wants his ppl know what exactly he wany clearly, so that he can make his ppl do what they think is right. honshin kanri, in practical way, is sth in our veins, our blood, even it is our insticnt. however, japanese ppl and hutchins make it more systtematic and theoratical, sothat they succeed, they are famous.

promoting, annoucements, meetings, r the ways to practise catchball and honshin kanri, arent they?

write tomorrow 

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