March 21, 2010

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March 04, 2010

hoshin kanri in practice

today i wanna talk abt hoshin kanri in practice

it s so pleasing to learn this management term. to me, who wanna control and do everything if i own a business or a gig, this term is really useful and practical. by studying this term i can make my ppl know what exactly i want and how they can do their best. OMG, why didnt i know this term before organising my previous show?

to make ur ppl know the vision and goals and devote to them, i think it s what a successful leader should do. hoshin kanri's catchball process, i think is an ideal term to deploy. it can let everyone in the company know what the boss want and the boss can ensure everyone knows it. as this process might make stakeholders get involved, i suggest, keep ur business secret carefully

one more thing is, i think, in real life, we more or less use hoshin kanri but not in a systematic or theoratical way. we know what the boss wants, we know how to satisfy him and satisfy ourselves, so that we work. the boss, of course wants his ppl know what exactly he wany clearly, so that he can make his ppl do what they think is right. honshin kanri, in practical way, is sth in our veins, our blood, even it is our insticnt. however, japanese ppl and hutchins make it more systtematic and theoratical, sothat they succeed, they are famous.

promoting, annoucements, meetings, r the ways to practise catchball and honshin kanri, arent they?

write tomorrow 

March 03, 2010

leadership and coaching

it s so happy that someone can share her experience in coaching with me. in a world that men control most things, business, life, war, etc, women are thought to be the weakness in leading people. in a specific situation, even ur culture, background, etc will be, how to say, discriminated by others. even u r a man, u will be looked down upon by other men. being an overseas student for a long time, i have such experience. if u r interested in the leadership and coaching on the base on gender, culture, place, u can read the following journals

LEADERSHIP UNIVERSALLY ENDORSED? Leadership Quarterly, 10(2), 219¨C256.

, Vol. 49, Issue 3, pp. 297¨C323

Hall. R, Workman. J, and Marchioro. C (1998). Sex, Task, and Behavioral Flexibility Effects on Leadership Perceptions. ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR AND HUMAN DECISION PROCESSES Vol. 74, No. 1, April, pp. 1¨C32.

one more thins, Sue, i dont know if u will read my blog again or not, but i dont really know what 'women in love' is. is it a film? please tell me if u read the blog

ok, excluding ur sex, race and culture, can leadership be coached into ur mind? i think the answer is positive. by learning the theories, a leader can be affeccted and rethink anything good for him and his organisation. deeper, this is human;s instinct to learn. if u, read a book abt a successful leader, i think u can learn a lot. just like i learn a lot from Michael Jordan's autobiography and Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. By studying a successful person's experience, u will consider how to develop ur ability, how to avoid the failure and how to, make as much money as u can. lol

so i think, coaching leadership is not one thing that let the leader know what he has to do but telling him nothing, but a process that assist the leader to think to rethink and then obtain the core of the theories. thus appropriate chattings, teachings, and trainings are necessary. being a leadership coach, i think i should make the leader think and learn, but not throw loads of materials on his desk and say, ok, study them and report to me everyday.

having read Sue's comments, i think it s also important in our life. sometimes u can see someone, especially those sho almost the same as u, is more successful than u. u know their factors of success well but u dont know why u r not as good as them. this time, if someone can assist u with the information u have, i think u can learn from it and be nearer to the success.u get the traits from the information.

so in real life, assisting ur leader to study the leadership theories. u dont need to tell them what to do, but tell them what it is when it s time. ur leader wll be successful and grateful to u, and ur leadership coach role will be fulfilled.

About coaching

it s so happy to finish my PMA. here i have some opinions about coaching

coaching, to me is quite effective because it can change u secrectly and u even dont realise---just like i was changed by LE, i think it s kind of coaching. the easiest way is to push or infuse other to accept the concept---just like what i experienced in high school. but to affect other unconsciously, i think it s an art, a charisma rather than a technic.

but i really doubt the time that we need to coach others. if u really want others be affected unconsciously, i think it might take a long time. just like u wanna affect some bad guys to be good. it seems possible if u always do good things in fromt of him and suddenly one day he becomes good. if he s bad from his gene, i think ur coaching is totally a fail,

so i think, start by coaching is good, but it s more correct to say 'coaching through the whole process'. by doing this it s more realistic and easier for us to write. lol...even, i think, for most of us, coaching is mystery and systematic, even we cant coach others now. so, i think, in the situation that Graeme didnt talk abt coach in detail, i think the easier way for us is coaching during the process, but not at the beginning.

just ssme viewpoints. write tomorrow

January 28, 2010

Leadership, the film The Mist

Watched a file, The Mist. Though it was on in 2007, i only got the one with chinese subtitle yesterday. it s a trategy to me. all i can do is sigh....

from this film, i suddenly find two types of Leadership. the first is ppl tend to follow whose predictions come true, or can give them a place to hide in their mind. just like the crazy woman who s crazy of Bible and God. her predictive sentences from bible always came true at the beginning of the accident. in a situation that ppl with fear and dont know what to do, this kind of person can easily attract others and quickly expand its group. so that we can see her easily prompted her followers to stab the innocent solder to death in her private court (i dont know if it s right for the words of Bible, forgive me :) ) and tried to make the boy  as a sacrifice to feed the monster. such person can use ppl's fear and panic to expand its power. however, when she was shot death when trying to kill the boy, her followers didnt dare to save her. so i can say such leadership is not a real leadership, but it can be so effective in a specific situation.

also, i think it s abt psychology. in a situation that ppl r trapped but wanna escape, ppl's inertia makes one to find some excuses to stay, to join a group, and to kill others. i predict that if the crazy woman is not in the film, it might totally change.

another type of leadership is quite usual in Hollywood films, heroism. the leading actor is rational, has so much knowledge, brave, etc. such leader, to me, i think can attract some ppl have the same view. however, for most ppl who wanna saty stable, they tend to follow the God witch and wait for the God's punishment. so it s so obvious from the film that at the end, only 8 ppl wanna follow him to escape (though died 3 then), most ppl tend to stay 'safely' and 'guity'. thats why most ppl like conservative party because they dont wanna change. but if the conservative leader collapse, they dont know waht to do because they r not brave enough to change neither become a leader.

the most trategic scene is at the last. leading actor killed his boy and other 3 ppl because they run of gas, trapped in the mist and only 4 bullets avaiable. he got off the car, tried to be eaten by the monster. but, in the mist, the army appeared.

i feel so sad after watching this film. the scene was out of my imagine. i can only sigh..........

also, i feel the power of God that it can make some panic ppl become killers. when i saw the crazy woman shot death, i feel so released. she went to meet God!!!

also, i realise that how some evil religions was born. so fucking horroble!!!

also, i feel that, fate always making joke to us.

last, feeling sad and sighing is all i can do now

January 22, 2010

Changed by Leadership

in the past, being a leader, is not my type. there r many good, excellent ppl around me, and i dont have to be the leader, but we have the shared goals and views of  value. in most situation, i m the vice-leader--under one person but above many.

However, by attending Leadership, i can see some changes. by doing the games and exercises in class, i can feel that my nature, or instict of 'leader' is revealed. maybe, i can be the leader, but just lack some experience or practices.

by being 2 or 3 times of leader, i can feel that it s not bad to be a leader, espcially in such a safe and comfortable atmosphere. also, i can feel that, the experience from my family and my previous study and career really help me. i can use the technics from my parents and my experience in my band to lead others to our goals. in this process i can see what i need to add to my leadership and what i should reduce. at least, sometimes i can pretend to be strong and confidence, though i was scared and pressured :).

i feel really sorry that i challenged my chinese PhD friend, Ray(?), after the presentation. from emotional aspect, i was irretated by his questions rationally, his questions r, so 'naive' to me.

i really wanna thank this module and Paul. this module makes me discover i stiill have some potentials of leading, and i feel that leading others is not just 'words on the paper', but a practical and challenging thing. maybe in the society, the challenge is more fatal. but, Leadership, can make me have some basic perception of the real world, and make me feel that my parents r not so easy to get their achievements by leadering their staff. every penny they spend on me, is from their hard working in leadership. all i should do, is standing on their shoulders and reach a new height. I LOVE YOU, MUM AND DAD!!!

also, i wanna thank my teammates. what a great time we r together in this two weeks! everyone s hard working, everyone work together to reach our goals and everyone is friendly to each other. although we r from differnt places, have different backgrounds and have different thoughts, we try to understand eachother, try to accept others' opinion and try to contribute the most of us. it s fateful to meet ppl around, but it s a fortune to meet someone really well with u. so, the team in this module really make me consider that leadership is not only success, but also make ppl work together and make the process perfect.

also, some words to YU. i can understand u because i used to be the same as u. but dont worry, u r on the way to change. maybe 15,20 yrs later, if we meet together, u have greater success than we. so, plz try ur best to get through it, it might take a long time, but i can see that u will succeed.

also to my another friend. cheer up, dont be beaten. this is also a good way to practise how to deal with tough boss. by being in a team with that leader, u can feel the importance of a boos, not an employee in a company :0. if u have time, come to me and i can lend u my Rich Dad Poor Dad :)

finally, i really wanna thank my love, my angel, Troy. without ur support and accompany in these few yrs, i wont get through the longliness and pressure in the UK. u give me the hope and  faith to fight for our future. also, without u, i wont be more and more 'autocratic' every time i m with u. sometimes, a man should be 'autocratic' in a family, isnt it?

so, the end of Leadership and Excellence is nigh. hope u guys well and see u in the next module!

January 20, 2010

Low efficiency autocratic leadership

is there a kind of leaders, autocratic, but doing things with low efficiency, no listen to others' opinions, just like a pile of steaming shit£¿

fortunately, we have one here.

luckily, we r not in the same group. unluckily, its (forgive me here using it, i dont wanna get involve in the problem of gender) menbers told me what they feel uncomfortable. they told me, it never listens to others, never uses forum. further, it always makes decisions itself, but, here s a funny point, it always ask its members together in a place for the mini projects, but always ignores them. as what i ve known, every time they 'discuss', it s the only one has computer, but, spends a lot of time on entertainment, but little on the work. its members, have nothing to do, playing cellphone games, chatting, etc. sometimes, it will ask members 'what do u think?'/..just ask, not listen, not use. it only trusts itself. More, it usually spend 3-4 hours for some unimportant information, and asks the members to find the books from library, but it itself stays in the warm room.

also, it always finishes the work itself, but asks the members to presnet? how can they know what u got? u just sit comfortablely, but watching ur members embarrased on the stage happily?  

recently, our great leader has a follower. though everyone hates it, but the follower can give it some warmness, some care, out of this cruel atmosphere around it. many ppl think they should get married. yeah, they should! lol

though i m not in its group, i dont want this chance also. such a 'leader' is a tratedy.

love , peace

January 18, 2010

A Western version Honshin Kanri ?

It s so interesting that Paul is interested in Hoshin Kanri.

As a Japanese management term, i think the reason Honshin Kanri can secceed in Japan is, 1. it really get everyone involved in the process. the vision can be spread from the CEO to the workers and everybody give their contribution to reach the vision, that means the company really thinks its employees as experts and the employees would like to be get involved. so i thnik psychologically train the employees to be loyal can reahe  this outcome. so it leads to the second reason. 2 . culture. in eastern culture, loyalty and justice is important. that means no matter if ur friends or company is doing well or bad, u should treat them good, contribute to them, even devote or sacrifice ur life to them. within this cultural, it s no doubt that Honshin Kanri can succeed in Japanese companies and in some literature, westtern companies cannot reach that height. so i think why Hoshin Kanri can be successful has its cultural cause. 3. Financial. it eastern countries workers usually paid very low. that makes those asian companies have time and can afford long time discussion and methodology test. it s one of the jobs for workers to be deployed and for most of them, nothing s better than quitting jobs to do sth healthy to the company.

in some literatures, Hoshin Kanri has some changes in western companies. them use survey to let workers know the vision and strategy rather than involving all ppl discussion. then, managers and CEO will discuss the result of the survey and make some changes based on that. i think it s not so accurate than ppl discussion but it really saves time and money. in an environment that the workers paid freaky high and time is life for a company, using survey and by the way to deploy the strategy cannot be better.

so, not only Honshin Kanri, but for any approaches, it can be change to fit ur environment. but, if u wanna follow te original one, just do it

January 15, 2010

Everyone calm down

Everyone calm lase entry is just what i see and think in real life, not in a comfortable warm academic field.

Why do u wanna find a job? A job can bring u the money to pay the bill to feed ur family to leisure to...etc. without a job, u will starve to die unless ur country will give u the welfare. if u have a rich dad, thats fine, congratulations, u can say whatever u wanna say to ur boss, because ur dad will give u a job if u r fired. but, for most ppl in our ages, or even older, if ur boss give ur more salary this month, do u feel happy? or sad?

thats why i said, the most direct way to motivate ppl, it giving them more money, or physical awards. will u say to ur boss 'no i wont take this money, sir'? if u see the number of ppl who wanna work in 'Big 4', u can understand what i mean. in Big 4, u have to work til late night, but ur salary, good, fucking good. dont u think money is motivating them to work in such fucking hardwork companies?

standing on the side of ur boss, if u see someone who can give more constructive ideas, r u afraid that one day he will take over u? if u leave this company, u have nothing, and ppl will forget u but remember him forever. i think many ppl know who Steve Jobs is, but who the hell is the founder of Apple?

I do encourage ppl to do more than compliance and give ur company many mnay good ideas. but the problem is, will u take the risk of being fired to give ur ideas, or just shut up for good salary>? of course, now u can say u will leave such bloody awaful company. but what will u do if u just graduate from WMG, go to a company as a fresher, and ur parents leave u alone and u have to feed urself, plan for ur marriage, plan for ur kids future and so many such fucking issues? like i said, if u have a rich dad, thats fine. but what if ur family cannot support u?

since this module starts i find that we r told that if we give more ideas more money or awards we can get. it might be true. but in real life is, the more work u do, the more u r paid. u can give ur ideas, but the awards might be given to u 5,10, 20 yrs later. do u expect that u will stay in an autocratic company for that long?

so please calm down and think of the real situation around us. i dont think no one can refuse the sduction of money. and , in our wolrd, most bosses r autocratic and dictators. if u cannot stand them, just leava immediately, or like Rich Dad Poor Dad says, work there for some yrs, and leave to run ur own company with enough money and experience and ur dream, u will be the leader.

or, if u really challenge urself, change an autocratic company, just work as a japanese employee in my last entry. start from scratch, and totally change the company when u r a manager or CEO. but, as urself, can i stand and work that long?

January 14, 2010

compliance and hierarchy

it s so interesting to discuss how we can make our employees do more than they expect. in real life, most of us, are actually doing what we r told to--we dont wanna get any trouble--so, in academic field, this is shameful. Professors and students always wanna make it perfect, at least make employees contribute more, not just staying in the level 1 or 2 of Maslow's hierarchy table.

however, stand on the side of CEO, or boss, i think making our employees to achive esteem or self-fulfilling, is a little over, or fiking. we have good plans, strategies, dreams, ect. so that as we have enough capital, we employ managers and workers to fulfill our dreams. we set up long term strategy, managers set up middle term plannings and workers do their jobs. of course, most of us, would like to hear what workers say. However, in real life, most of comments from worker, are not quite matched to our strategy. so, that s why we just want workers what they r told to. based on the educational level, experience, thoughts etc, it s hard for workers to understand what CEO says, neither does CEO. so, if there r any comments from workers or CEO wanna annonce sth new, they can ask managers to do so. thus, thats why CEO wants worker do what they r told to,

if one CEO dont wanna see compliance, just learn from Japanese companies. ususlly if one japanese man is employed by a company, he will spend his life there, without any complainment. he will often over work til mid night and go to work in the morning. is this more than compliance?

in the western culture, i can see more compliance than in the east. western ppl r rational--i m paid for what i m doing-so at 5 pm everyday, everyone is gone. but if u turn ur eyes to the east, at 5 pm, everyone is still busy. in china, in japan, in korea, many ppl work til 8-9pm. not just for the money (actually many of them r free to overwork), but also for the loyalty and trust to the company. loyalty and adjustice is barely seen in western companies, thats why, in academic, ppl have to research how we can overcome it.

on the side of employees, it s understandable why we r just doing what we told to. 1. we dont wanna make trouble. god knows if my boos wanna listen to me or fire me if i make comments. i have my family. i donr wanna lose my job becausse of my words. 2. i dont need to. managers r those who have most ideas and our ideas r usually passed to boss by them. so we dont need to talk to boss straightly, but just help our managers to help our company. 3. we can achieve esteem and self-fulfilling in other fields. there s not only job in our life, we have our social life. it s so funny and ridiculous academic ppl r discussing how to make us satisfy in job. we work to gey our money, to feed our family, to pay for the loan, etc. if u wanna make our happy, increasing salary is the most directly and useful way. getting the money we can achive esteem and self fulfilling in other fields- music, fishing, hunting, etc. job, is just a tool to achieve our dreams.

so, talikng abt how to satisfy our workers is worthless. it s just like some young ppl siiting in a warm room and comfortablly discussing how to take over Bill Gates but not doing it. in real life, most of us r paid to work. we just wanna get as much physical rewards as we can--unless we r in high level one day. we can fulfill our dreams outside the work. work is just work, it s just a way we can depend on to live in this world. outside it we have many things to do.

so the most useful and directly way to encourage us to overcome the compliance, is giving more money and giving more freedom to us. not just telling one thing but doing another.

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