June 04, 2010

A sentence retwitted from the internet

Today in 21 years ago some youths in China changed their lives, while some reamained young


May 31, 2010

some final views 4

someone, from the internet, asked me. i m studying in english and i wanna study my MSC in the UK. the agent reccomends MBE to me but i wanna be an interpreter or an asisstant in the future. do u think i should accept it?

i answered, y not? in MBE, u can learn sth different and it can affect ur future choice in some level. in MEB u can study six sigma and KBAM, which i thin quite useful. u wanna be an interpreter now, but it can be changed some yrs later. y not study more, learn more, and see more?

in real life, some ppl cannot manage their assets well, even if the assets are just some houses or flat that rent to others. i think, u can be an artist or an engineer for money, but if u have some knowledge in other fields, they can bring u some extra money, and ppl might look at u differently, because u r out of their expectations.

if that person can study in MBE and KBAM, i think her life, might be changed. maybe she wont work for an engineering comany, but the knowledge in asset can benefit her, even for her life and family.

whatever nevermind


some final views 3

choose the best IS for ur company.

nowadays we always see ads. from those big companies like IBM, Cisco etc. of course they can give great solutions in the world if u can afford them. but it s no doubt that the IS they provide can bring u benefits---they have been in the industry for over 30 yrs!

but is it worth it?

if u r a small company, u can afford the fees to IBM, y not choose a small IS company? i think, the IS they provide might not as competitve as IBM or Cisco, but the risk is lower. if one day ur company becomes a big one and if u wanna change to IBM, at least u can have less risk on convertion and changing a company. u dont have to pay a lot to the loss of information, but the big ones can merge them well.

threfore, sometimes a small IS company can be ur best choice but if u become a big shark in the market, dont forget to change to a big one, or ur data and information cant be protected well and the loss is uncountable

some final views 2

1. the proposed information sysytem is actually, what most ppl wnat. it considers different levels in a company and different focus groups. its flows of information and the distribution of the internet, i think, quite match most ppl want. however, most of us just mention it in general way. i luckily find a journal can talk abt it system way. ths one is what we should consider. 2. decision support methodology can help IS a lot. it has 4 stages and 11 steps. i think it can avoid the chaos in IS and in knowledge creating. it sounds mechanism but if everyone can follow the stages and the steps i think it can be more sysytematic and the knowledge can be more useful. 3. some researchers in 1970s doubted the usefulness of double loop IS. i personally think it s a fake topic. maybe in the 1970s companies are more top donw. but now companies should have double loop for both top down and bottom up communication. if the boss controls everything and employees just do what they r told to, i think this company is a dull one. sadlly, most companies in my country still using single loop. this could be anoth topic in culture. i dont wanna thalk abt it here

some final views 1

since my pma is finished i have some sentiment to share with u .

the first thing is, keep learning. in this module i feel that i cant manage everything well without the related knowledge. in a company is the same. if u r in charge of a kind if asset management in the future, u will feel the pressure. there r lots of different approaches in the world and choose the best from them is difficult. the only way u can do is to keep learning and find the beeter one for ur company. sadly, i have seen many ppl dont have the knowledge but in the position to manage the assets. i doubt that if they can do it well. i cant say they r not learning when they r in the position but the basic principle has been broken. if a company can tolerate someone who doesnt have the knowledge to manage the assets, i think the end can be bitter. so, to avoid the tragedy, keep learning.

second, keep updating. having the knowldge is not enough, but u have to update it. i have seen many pedantry ppl showing off their outdate knowledge in a blooming company, even it is in creation industry. sometimes it s good to use or keep some classic knowledge, but u should have the bravery to break them. if u still insist on ur outdate knowledge in this fast changing world, i dont think u can get the most benefit. so, keep learning is not the end, but keep updating ur brain

so long

April 16, 2010


though this module is over, i still thinking, in application, can we usa a XBAM theory, which is like DFX. X can be everything.

knowledge is quite big concept. differnt ppl have different thoughts of knwoledge. if we have the same kind of presentation to our customers in the future, i guess, if we say we r gonna use KBAM, those mangaers might gonna look down upon us because they have better knowledge in the filed and we just consultants :).

so, if i run a consultant coompany, i would do the ENBAM, Environment based asset management,  instead of KBAM. KBAM is too big to achive, but ENBAM is more specific and more concentrated on one aspect. we give our consulting service to customers based on the environmental friednliness and coach them to manage the assets based on how to treat the environment good whilst manage ur assets well. of course, if u like, u can run a Manufacturing based asset management company or reliability based asset management company so that we can cooperate :)

and, i think information system is crucial to many companies nowadays. unless u r persistent on hand made little factory, u might need this system. unlike traditional human based system, i think the computerised information system can make ur work more efficient and more organised. such efficiency cannot be defeated by the tradidtional human based system. imagine, u just need 5 min. to get the total amount of asset, but u might take 2-3 days to calcuate by hand. which one would u choose? someone might say, such system is expensive. tell u a truth, it not right. nowadays there r many companies doing these business and they can give u chaep but good customer experience system. just like my uncle's supermarket, a small software company is providing the software and system to it. the annual payment for those new graduates who own the company is just 10000- 20000 pounds. thats not a big sum compared to the total sales. so,  my uncle can get what he expects and those graduates achieve their values, why not?

just some thought after KBAM

April 15, 2010

outsourcing for SME

it s interesting to see if SME need outsourcing

in our discussion we had debate on this topic. as the majority viewpoint, Waverider is a too small company to make outsourcing. it s not as big as Nike or addidas, if doing outsourcing, the compnay might not reach economic efficiency. however, as some pf us emphasised, we put this in our oresentation.

to me, i think, small company like waverider can be the one who produces for big companies. good example can be japanese music instrument manufacturere in the 80s. that time those apanese manufacturers supplied parts to fender and gibson. then they began to imitate the models. with over 20 yrs development, now japan has big brands like ESP and Bacchuse. so that we can see actually waverider can be the supplier first then expand with development.

just my viewpoints

April 14, 2010

information system to asset management

preparing this presentatoion reminds me of IBM's slogan in china, 'let's build up a wisdom Earth'

it s good. build up an information system means we can share the information quiclky, openly and at will. the lack of information can always lead to disasters, can't it?

also, by builing up information system, we can get whatever we want. of course, it should be legal. to me, it s a crime for chinese government of block us to view facebook, youtube and twitter in china. also, kicking google out of this country is stupid tp me.

only by sharing information a company can know what its stakeholders think and do. so that by learning from them they can access better km.

so, let's build up a wisdom Earth

April 13, 2010

asset is an interesting thing

according to oxford english dictionary, asset is 'All the property of a person or company which may be made liable for his or their debts.¡± (OED, 2007).

so all the things in my room, my bass guitar, my mug, my tea my rubbish....everything is my asset. also, i have some securities that make me cry, so they r all my assets.

thats why KBAM can be a big big topic and we only have 2 days left to finish the presentation.

oh, i should keep working

how much does my total asset worth?

April 12, 2010

the possibility of making wastes to assets

it s so interesting to reasearch this topic. especially when u r on life cycle management.

we produce rubbish everyday. some of them r reusable while some r not. take me myself as an example, i m not kind of 'wasting person' but i still produce 2 bags of rubbish a week ( as big as tesco's plasti bag). of course, they r not assets to me-- i cant reuse them and they cant produce value to me. however, i m a kind of person who saves lots of half used paper--just like envelopes. i use the blank place of them to take notes, write down sth urgent etc. it s good. i try my best to save the world, aint i?

but the question is, r these envelopes and paper my asset?

ok, maybe i m just a passer by to many of u, take my uncle's supermarket as another example. his supermarket is the biggest in a city in my province. u all should know that as a big big supermarket, there r thousands of paper packages everyday. so my uncle sells the right of purchasing these boxes, cans, whatever to his uncle, abt 800 quid a month. then my uncle's uncle sell these rubbish to some facturies or manufacturers for price difference. maybe 3 yrs later, my uncle's uncle married a 20 yr old girl when he was 70.

from my uncle's case we can see that those rubbish r my uncle's assests. they can bring benefit to my uncle's supermarket. to my uncle's uncle, they r more important---he makes living on them. so we can see our rubbish and wastes can reaally be treated as assets. this is what i ve never imagined before. how can those stink paper boxes value that much? they r going to die, aint they?

so another question comes, how can we calculate the value of these rubbish?

it s said that uk will build up some rubbish burning power stations and the whole country will mainly depend on the power from rubbish. So think abt it, if i still stay here that time and my 2 bags of rubbish will be usable! they can contribute to our own good and protect the environment, hooray!!

but more questions come. how much r they? how will the government calculate the value of them? per bag? per kilo? per ton? will i get any refund on electricity and council tax?

and if i were my uncle, i wont sell my assets for 800 quid a month. they r more valuable that those politicians think. so how much will u pay me a month?

so it s quite interesting to think abt it in practise

and u can never underestimate the power of ur rubbish!

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