February 20, 2006

An anecdote from my youth

When i was about 12, i was on a family holiday in portugal. It was late one evening, we’d just had a lovely meal in a restaurant and we were wandering through the town on the way back to our abode. While we were wandering, we found a german fellow with a massive moustache and an acoustic guitar, just playing beautiful soothing music to the passers-by. His music was so nice we bought one of his cd’s, got back to our place and put it straight on.

Since then, he’s become a beacon of classical acoustic guitar music for my family. We’ll remember him and share a joke, and often (probably more often than any other artist) sit and listen to his cd.

Point is, i found out this evening that this fellow had passed away, and i just wanted to mark the occasion. Outside of my family, i only know of one person who’s even heard of him, and that’s only because i lent him the cd. If you like mighty mellow, single acoustic guitar chillout tracks, give me a shout and you can have a listen. I want to spread the love.

Rest in peace Norbert Langensiepen.

November 29, 2005

You know what's more interesting than mass? Everything

Mass is the most intensely boring, painful and downright pointless thing i've ever had the displeasure of sitting through. Worse i was monitoring the behaviour of 60 9/10 year olds at the time, who knelt a whole lot more respectfully than i managed. Now i'm sitting at home instead of being at the ultimate christmas social because i'm teaching all day tomorrow and i'm still not done planning. Grrrrrr placement

On a lighter note, bears 1 won the plate at nationals division 2. Throughout regionals and nationals, i only played in one game that we lost (well, two really if you think about it, but never mind) and that one was only because of a shitty foul call on an awesome point block. Widlands, then copa, then friday league and windoors. That's the order of things, now placement's coming to an end i'm game for all of them. Hopefully i'll get a shot at playing UMIN too. Life sucks right now, but with a view of getting much much better in less than 3 days time. Peace out, back to planning. Teachering the little buggers about water tomorrow. Happy days

October 24, 2005

Damme Herre Slamme Fayre

What a cracking weekend! Thrash (sergeant Muscles), Nick (not-so Ace), Me (corporal Knuckles), Caspar (private Samurai), Sarah, Little Gemma, Jems and Emma headed up to nottingham for the weekend for a mixed tournament and it was a belter. We were seeded last, which removed pressure and made it more fun mayhaps? But we were much better than worst. We came in at 13th, but it should've been higher than that. We played some awesome ultimate, won more than we lost, took a couple of games to sudden death, worried streets, played WARZAID, pissed off our hosts by being ridiculously loud, got incredibly lost in nottingham, highly insulted an inept taxi-driver, played commander says with scotty (whoa), proved that we're not some shitty university team who've lost all their decent players and had mucho fun doing so.

Thanks to all bears who went. It was great group of people who i hope all get to go to the next mixed tournament (UMIN?) Look at the website – caspar's doing a quiz. Check y'all at practice, davey dj jones

April 14, 2005

Dub diddy dublin

The Warwick Bears ultimate frisbee dublin tour, 2005, what a fookin marvellous weekend. I'm not gonna give full details – if you want them go see nick's blog (sorry, i've never done a link to another blog before, so just search dublin and ultimate) Just gonna list the highlights, and there were many.

Fun, pissed leprecauns talking about other leprecauns who've lost it all on the property market, no bagel in the first game! Nick playing logic card games on the journey home, professors blue-shorts and tard-hat, eddie rocket's (www.eddierockets.ie), the unknown song, DRUIDS!!! thrash's 'under a tunnel face', hatcke, have it hack, the three man piggy back, watching an inexperienced bears team put on an awesome zone, getting off the train at crewe and having to dive back on when the whistle went, cone chuckage, brick dealing cards. There are sure to be many more, but these make me chuckle every time i think about them. Cheers for an awesome weekend bears, bring on '06

March 01, 2005

Back by popular demand

Well, nick commented so i thought i'd best say something. Not dead, or still vomiting after my super-noodles, just on placement – takes up mucho time, and I'm being observed by the two big cheeses in my development tomorrow, so i need to go and prepare for that joyous event. Worry not, when i'm back home in sunny sutton i'll have lots more time and will be lots more bored, and thus the blog will kick back in. Ciao for now

January 19, 2005

Super noodles are horrible

I feel ill

January 13, 2005

Damn big G key – why can't it be more like D? Nice and small

Follow-up to I'm just bloggin with the best from Blogaroo

Manking – the period of time humans have existed with regents at the fore of economical politics

I'm just bloggin with the best

Writing about web page http://www.warwickbears.org.uk

'sup. Mr Ian Kreeger has just persuaded me to set up this blog, but I'll be damned if I know what I'm gonna use it for. Watch this space for something more interesting.

By the way, ultimate frisbee rules. Possibly the most underrated sport in the history of manking. Warwick indoors tournament this weekend – come on down, have a larf.

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