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April 27, 2005

Final Fling Acts

I must admit i am rather disappointed with the acts performing at this years final fling event. I'm sure the powers that be, whoever actually organises these events did the best they could and have taken into account the views of the students due to attend, however, i am voicing my opinion.

The Zutons are a good band , i have seen them perform, at the Union in fact last year and they are entertaining, but they are not headline material. Their album is a good album and their live performances full of energy and good tunes but that is all.

GLC - well i'm biased cos i don't like shit music!! In all seriousness, they are a flash in the pan group – NOT band – who will hopefully disappear as fast as they appeared on a national level. Pikeys i get enough of without being subjected to their soundtrack. What do i say when i go home over the summer to my parents? Yeah i really enjoyed GLC especially the song "your mother's got a penis". Am i mature enough to see past the irony; no. Its not music its crap.

Last year we had Amy Winehouse and Scissor Sisters, both not my cup of tea, but entertaining nonetheless. Scissor Sisiters are massive now; probably not for long, but they were a creditable act. Last year's headliners, Ash are one of the biggest and important bands of the last 10 years, great songs, great performance and truely nice guys, got to meet them!!! Why no-one in their ilk this time around??

Crikey, two years ago we had supergrass!! Now thats just not fair! I would also like to mention something a friend told me. A college in the US (yeah i know its slightly different there but stick with me) has booked SONIC YOUTH and decent support for their event. At a reported cost of £40k equivalent. now i don't know what zutons and glc are charging, or how shrewd the uni's decision makers are, but could we not have had a band on a par with sonic youth???

I wasnt expecting a band on the scale of u2 or rem, but maybe more quality than we have got. I know the artists need to appeal to a wide spectrum of ppl, but truely apart from the indie kids, who actually knows more than 4 zuton songs, and as for the novelty GLC rubbish…

Finally i must criticise the manner in which the headline acts were announced at top b last term. Everyone had seen the shortlist, and were fully aware the killers were on it. Those of us in the know were aware The Killers were supporting U2 over the summer, but playing one of their songs prior to the announcement put hope in the heart of even me. Warwick has missed the boat with the acts – such a shame, particularly in light of the debacle of the law ball acts this year and last – what a waste of time. Different organisers; yes but both bad decisions i feel.

So if anyone wants an impromptu set of classic songs, britpop, rock and ballads get in touch and my band will perform for free drinks on the night!!!

I have to get this off my chest

What is wrong at warwick uni?? Life is hard enough, career path, study-fun balance, making friends, becoming independent, pursuing your own interests….blah blah blah. This all has to be sorted out, on top of that comes the inevitable task of finding a partner with whom to share life, it can't be that hard, ppl have done just this century upon century i hear you cry. True i say, but not all have attempted it at warwick university.
….get to the point…
I am currently a single man, on the look out for a lovely young lady with which to spend time, share experiences and generally enjoy my youth…of course one day marriage and kids seems to be the norm to which i aspire, for now i would be content with a girlfriend and am happy to pursue such a course of action.
On the trail of love, i like many others make mistakes, get shot down and wonder about this and that, how to best go about finding a girl and ive met many a hurdle.
The norm, or at least the accepted practice is for the man to approach the woman, attempted in reverse apparently is just not done! Anyway, at the bar in cholo last year – yes its that big a deal for me that i bring it up all this time later, i was stood next to a very pretty girl. I thought why not say hi, offer to buy her a drink and see how things go. Now, i wasn't expecting this to go well, i was expecting to be shot down rather quickly, and so i was – sorry to disappoint all those who thought the good would win!! The manner in which it occurred is where i have encountered a problem. I simply turned to the girl at the bar and said

"Hi, i'm Neil, how are you, would you like a drink"

She said "fuck off".

Now am i wrong, or is this not the reponse my question deserved. I realise i'm no oil painting and i realise she probably didn't fancy me, i acknowledge she may have had a boyfriend or that she was going through a tough personal time…i have no idea why she reacted the way she did, but it upset me, i didnt get a drink, i returned to my table and pondered. All i can put forward now is my opinion. I personally would be flattered if a girl said hi and wanted to spend time with me. Under no circumstances can i conceive of my reply being "fuck off". I may not fancy the girl, i may have other immediate plans, but i would have the common decency to be civil and polite.

This incident although insignificant to an outsider really took me a-back, i didnt approach any girls for some time after. More fool me; maybe, but it truely hit my confidence. It was not only upsetting but ultimately disturbing for me. Clearly she wasnt right for me, so i'm not missing out there, but what if the next girl i approach says the same??
She wouldn't i hear you cry, well i'm not so sure, i've received some rather heartless looks, stares and snide remarks from girls at warwick uni. I admit i am objectionable and moody etc, but i am nothing but polite when meeting ppl, why could this girl not extend the same courtesy?

This rant is running out of steam, all emotion and no structure i now realise, but this event hurt me. It would hurt anyone. I am a 4th year and i dare say this girl could have left the university by now, but if she hasn't, if she is at the union sometime later this term, if she by chance reads this entry i hope she remembers what she said and hopefully feels just a little guilty, or at least accepts in her own mind that her reaction was not warranted.

Oasis Concert DVD

5 out of 5 stars

I was at this gig, i was 17, my first ever concert. Oasis! With two new members, Gem Archer on 2nd guitar and Andy Bell playing bass, joining Alan White, Noel and Liam for the first of two, scheduled to be the final ever concerts at wembley stadium.

To paint a picture, 70000 ppl, three bands (Doves and Happy Mondays in support) and an amazing day had by all…except the two girls that get there very late – very funny, watch the extra documentaries!!

If you're looking at this then you probably know all the songs. This wasn't THE best ever performance of the tracks but it was oasis on form with a point to prove, and did they prove it. They rock with the best of them and they are THE band of the ppl.

From the moment fuckin in the bushes hit we knew the lads were comin!! The anticipation, the wait was over! Liam: "good evening Manchester" – irony only oasis fans will allow themselves to understand.

The new songs off Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants are met with the same wide grins, cheers and 70000 strong vocals as the classics you all know and love. Supersonic; check, Wonderwall; check, Don't Look Back In Anger; check, the list goes on. My favourite on the night – too hard, but the psychedelic Gas Panic is up there.

If you like oasis – you probably own this – you should do…get yer mates round have a few beers and turn it up loud!! If you look close you never see me, but i'm in there!!

I'll never forget Noel's last comment prior to the final track on the night: "Good night, God bless, safe journey home, Rock N' Roll Star, everyone of ya!" Am i sensitive or am i right to think fondly of that moment? Who knows it was a great concert – no question. Love em or hate them – oasis know how to put on a show!!

I'll give it 5 stars – biased, yes, but the performance, if not the occasion in my view is better than Knebworth, and i have the video of that too!!. Buy it yourself and you decide.

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