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Hi my name is Neil, I am a 4th year – and yes i have heard the “you’re ancient” remarks…i’m 21 but not close to death yet.

I would like a more important role or at least famous role on this planet, failing that we’ll see where my (soon to attain) law degree takes me.

Interests: all the cliches i’m afraid – music, guitar, football, socialising, comedy. I am a Norwich fan – no need for abuse this was a totally geographical decision and i am proud to support The Canaries.

I am very passionate about music…i love a wide range from 60s bands, the who, kinks, velvets, through to new things like 22-20s, white stripes and the vines. My fave band is Oasis – again ive heard all the bad press and i dont care…they rock, they are brilliant, awe-inspiring and ive grown up with them. Have met ash, feeder, cooper temple clause, crispin mills and a few others.

I dj on a semi-regular basis for offbeat at the colosseum – THE greatest venue in this far from fair city. Love the dingy room, sticky floor and the out and out rock n roll spirit of it all. Come along who knows i may even play blur for you!!

Guitar is my life, i have several and have promised myself the real deal Gibson Les Paul when i graduate – now there’s a mucisal instrument, am i as good as the most famous gibson patron – Mr Jimmy Page – well obviously not but i’ll feel as cool as him when i get it.

Well there’s an intro to me and my life, if ive bored you already and put you off from knowing more then its not a huge surprise, with those of you who are interested, or without anything else to do, i invite you in to discover the highs and lows of neil.

Thanks for visiting. peace love and bananas!!

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