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October 31, 2007

Don't pick them in future.

After the rather miserable weather over the weekend it was great to see some Autumn sunshine. Driving through the country lanes between Birmingham and Coventry was a joy with rays of sunshine streaming down through the rapidly yellowing leaves… does this mean I’m a romantic? How great it would be to just stop and take a walk…. if only.

I’ve been busy rewritting some notes for a lecture on Thursday, having spent a wasted 1/2 day earlier updating an old presentation and getting very frustrated that the message just wasn’t clear enough.

Skipped lunch (again!) but didn’t really miss it, this is possibly because I am making porridge in the morning and it keeps me going (No! not in that way). How long I manage to keep this up I don’t know, every year I do this and after a few weeks can’t be bothered with the hassle and go back to toast.

Sock of the day just got smaller:
I’m going off these socks, I’ll try and put them to the back of the drawer so I don’t pick them in future.

October 30, 2007

wait for it… wait for it!

Today (actually yesterday but it is only 8am) was a good day on the whole. I left work on a real high after managing to do something in the DMM lab that I’d been hoping to do for what seems like ages; it made my day.

In the afternoon I managed to replace the dipped headlight bulb in my Focus. That is two bulbs in two weeks, I think I may have an electrical problem, do you think it could just be chance? Anyway, those design engineers at Ford – do you think they have ever tried to change a bulb themselves?... The manual makes it look easy but the retaining clip for the bulb is practically invisible and is tucked away in a corner. The real problem is reseating this: it just doesn’t clip back into position with a positive ‘click’ so you are just not sure whether the bulb is fixed or not.

... I was teasing you, holding off the moment when sock of the day is revealed. It is…. “wait for it… wait for it!”...

October 28, 2007

What socks shall I wear tomorrow?

I’m lying on the sofa watching Johnny Depp in The Ninth Gate as a distraction from the distraction I’ve been feeling all day. In everything I’ve done since going to the airport at the crack of dawn, through doing the food shopping and some gardening this afternoon, I’ve been distracted by thoughts that I just can’t let go. This is most unlike me: my distractions are usually only short fleeting ones that switch from subject to subject. This is a sustained preoccupation with unknown consequences… RANT or RAVE? – only time will tell.

I’ve decided to blog regularly now and to include as part of this some nonsense: Sock of the Day.Sock1

Finally, returning to The Ninth Gate … as I read the credits at the beginning I was surprised and excited to see that it is based on a book by Arturo Perez-Reverte, one of my favourite authors (see my book reviews). Anyway, so much for my day … I wonder, what socks shall I wear tomorrow?

October 26, 2007


This is my desk on the 26th October 2007 after 10 days of gradually sorting out the rubbish. I haven’t yet found a place for the stuff I am going to keep, thats the next step, so watch this space.
SORT close-up and here is a farther view showing more of the ‘stuff’ I just can’t let go of.

SORT far.

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