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April 13, 2007

Road–trip 660 miles in 10hours


Here are some pictures* of the trip I made today to drop MDW off at the Dhanakosa Retreat in the Highlands of Scotland. It was a glorious day, foggy at first leaving Birmingham around 6am, but by the time we reached Cumbria it was clear and by lunchtime in Balquhidder (site of Rob Roy’s grave) it was balmy. We took a short walk, had a picnic lunch by the river, a coffee at a recently refurbished hotel and then said our goodbyes.

Dhanakosa Retreat
The guy on the ladder asked when I was going to come on Retreat – thinking about it on the long drive home I realised that I was actually quite jealous of MDW – though I couldn’t do the Yoga-meditation Retreat, the walking-meditation one sounds very appealing (especially if weather like today’s could be guaranteed).


Balquhidder Woods

For those who like long drives here’s the log
  • 05:45 Leave Birmingham
  • 08:00 Stop for car and body fuel at Tebay Services (M6 Cumbria)
  • 08:45 Depart Tebay
  • 10:40 Leave M9 at Stirling
  • 11:30 Arrive Balquhidder
  • 14:30 Depart Balquhidder
  • 16:00 to 16:30 Almost stationary in roadworks M74 (S) J10-11
  • 18:00 Stop at Tebay Services (going South this time)
  • 20:20 Arrive back at home

Road-trip 660 miles in 10 hours

  • MDW brought the camera back from Poland on Wednesday

April 08, 2007

Windows On Warfarin

Follow-up to I'm feeling rather thirsty from 353 Rant and Rave

As a follow up to a comment from Chris let me just add that Vista (even if it didn’t I am prepared to blame it for everything now) managed to screw up Firefox just now – it may have been the installation of the Flash plugin but I couldn’t get an error dialog to close. Fortunately I am not the first to get this as it appears at the top of the list of problems on the Firefox website so I managed to recover after some faffing.

It may cheap and somewhat simple but it came with my Mesh Computers desktop and the license covers 3 computers – so Chris, its Bullguard. I have no idea how much juice it uses but it doesn’t seem to knock my resources enough to notice.

My shoulder did casue me problems and I had to retire from the competition today after 54 arrows – I’ll take a week off and hope it recovers.

Finally, I now understand that the Vista WOW is Windows On Warfarin

April 07, 2007

I'm feeling rather thirsty

Having posted almost every day while I was in China, I've been on a break from blogging. I guess I've been feeling a sense of anti-climax and  nothing has seemed particularly good or bad. Well 3 weeks is enough for me to recuperate so whatsup.

Inspiron 640m

A real rave has to be the thing I am typing on now. I'm sitting (lying with my feet up) on the sofa, waiting for the golf highlights with a pint of Martsons Single Malt ale by my side. This I can do because MDW is 1000 miles away visiting family in Warsaw. I digress, I'm using our new Dell Laptop (Inspiron 640m) that arrived on Thursday - I am very pleased with it, the screen is very good and it has 2Gb of memory, and all for less than £600 (and this included an all-in-one printer).

Of course every silver lining is accompanied by a cloud (ok, a stretch I know): I am now using Windows Vista (Home Premium edition) - I am underwhelmed, If Bill thinks that this is WOW then I think he should retire. I wonder if he drives like an old man as well as thinking like one? For the few graphical niceties - and these aren't a patch on OSX - there is a big learning curve. Overall I'm left with the feeling " Is that it?". Now, its not just the interface but clearly the roll out planning has been a farce. My internet security software is still being ported to Vista and this is months after the launch and years after the beta programme, I doubt that the fault is with the security software company.

Next rave: Fantastic weather over the last three days so I've been shooting as much as I can, I've got a slight pull in my shoulder and I hope that doesn't cause me a problem tomorrow as I am shooting in a competition.

Well that better be it as the golf has started and I'm feeling rather thirsty. 

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