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January 22, 2007

Promote this simple pleasure

Another day, another dollar…. this blogging thing is really quite tricky and I’m not sure that I’ve mastered it in any convincing manner.

Finding the right kind of trivia: something that someone might, just might, find slightly amusing at best, or slightly interesting in some minor way at least, is hard.

Well, it’s week 13 now and only 2 more weeks to go until week 15 and the end of my u/g courses. I like teaching but it is remarkably exhausting and sometimes one’s own performance is less than hoped for; I’m finding my stamina flagging. So, it was with pleasant surprise that I managed to finish the day on a high – “Yes, this is a rave.”

On getting home, for the second day in a row, I had a Martini – dry – and resolved with MDW that we should make this a regular occurrence. ....

... normal service will be resumed when MDW stops criticising me for my punctuation (the penalty one pays for being married to an English teacher, especially one who’s had a large Martini – hers was very much on the Martini side, whilst mine was a dirty one with just a touch of white vermouth)... good she has retired to bed.

.... So, charged with inspiration from a glass, maybe I’ll get back to more regular postings. In the meantime, if you like the idea of a Martini, why not visit one of the many sites like that promote this simple pleasure.

January 09, 2007

contemplating another pint

I’m hyped-up, really hyped-up. I got home ‘bout an hour ago having been going like a steam train for the last 12 hours – CHUFF chuff CHUFF (I’m a compound engine, see).

Rant and Rave today – you bet!

Let’s see, what’s the inventory?

Rave – I really got a result – spent 5 hours between 8am and 1pm working like a Trojan on getting to grips with License management using IBM’s LUM software in our new Warwick Digital Laboratory incubator (hey guys, for you in Engineering, that’s IMC room 013). Now got the latest Delmia software V5R17 (for you techies) running on the machines with licenses served off the machine in the Smartboard cabinet.

Rant – My boss (to be nameless) has volunteered me for a job in the NHS – Oh Fuc* – I am really torn with this: I swing from one extreme to the other, on the one hand thinking that trying to get change in the NHS is a hopeless task, and on the other hand thinking that if only a small change is achieved this could really alter someone’s life. In the end I know I’ll do it ‘cos I’m a fool: there will be no academic value from the work and it will have zero effect on my academic career despite costing me in ‘blood and tears’. Added to this is the fact he didn’t check with me if I was available. He won’t force me I know, and for this I’m grateful but why didn’t he simply ask me beforehand?

Rave – A colleague of mine had his PhD viva today. The exam was just down the corridor from where I was working on getting the License thingy running so I knew how long it was taking. I could see him through the blinds, occasionally drawing stuff on a whiteboard – it reminded me of my viva though I was lucky:mine only lasted 2 hours, his lasted about 6. Later I went to see him and his demeanour was so typical: It’s that complete anti-climax, you’ve spent 5 years registered (2 years working on it: we are talking part-time PhD here), prepared like god-knows-what, been through a process that feels like time-travel only to be told you’ve passed (ok, minor corrections) – THE B*STARDS! Is that all you’ve got!...

.... and its gone…..

.... you’ve done it….

.... was that it?

Anyway, I came home via Sainsbury’s – the final rave of the day.. They had Raisin Whirls on offer!

Final Score
Rants 1, Raves 3 +1 – the Raves have it!

Fuller, Smith & Turner (1845 is Yummy)

Anyway the net result of all this is that I’m alternately drinking to drown my sorrows and celebrate the good things in life.

One of the good things is Fullers 1845 ( a bottled ale from those lovely gentlemen at Fullers, Smith & Turners’ Chiswick Brewery just off the Hogarth Rd). so far I’ve progressed to the bottom of the second pint and I’m contemplating another pint (thats the extra 1 rave)

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