April 07, 2007

I'm feeling rather thirsty

Having posted almost every day while I was in China, I've been on a break from blogging. I guess I've been feeling a sense of anti-climax and  nothing has seemed particularly good or bad. Well 3 weeks is enough for me to recuperate so whatsup.

Inspiron 640m

A real rave has to be the thing I am typing on now. I'm sitting (lying with my feet up) on the sofa, waiting for the golf highlights with a pint of Martsons Single Malt ale by my side. This I can do because MDW is 1000 miles away visiting family in Warsaw. I digress, I'm using our new Dell Laptop (Inspiron 640m) that arrived on Thursday - I am very pleased with it, the screen is very good and it has 2Gb of memory, and all for less than £600 (and this included an all-in-one printer).

Of course every silver lining is accompanied by a cloud (ok, a stretch I know): I am now using Windows Vista (Home Premium edition) - I am underwhelmed, If Bill thinks that this is WOW then I think he should retire. I wonder if he drives like an old man as well as thinking like one? For the few graphical niceties - and these aren't a patch on OSX - there is a big learning curve. Overall I'm left with the feeling " Is that it?". Now, its not just the interface but clearly the roll out planning has been a farce. My internet security software is still being ported to Vista and this is months after the launch and years after the beta programme, I doubt that the fault is with the security software company.

Next rave: Fantastic weather over the last three days so I've been shooting as much as I can, I've got a slight pull in my shoulder and I hope that doesn't cause me a problem tomorrow as I am shooting in a competition.

Well that better be it as the golf has started and I'm feeling rather thirsty. 

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  1. Leaving aside the less than well controlled features of Vista have you hit any of the common problems yet, like Office 2007 not being allowed to install because of User Access Control (the worst implemented security function in the world)? The laptop seems very good value, though I’m waiting until Apple release OS.X 10.5 then I shall treat myself a shiny MacBook Pro and there will be much smiling.

    Which security suite are you using? I can highly recommend NOD32 from ESET as it’s so much more resource efficient than many others. My network server has dropped its mean processor use from 10% running Symantec to 2% running ESET. It’s also much better at identifying unknown viruses. So there’s a mini rave for the blog!

    07 Apr 2007, 22:09

  2. John Waller

    I know I bang on about the general wondefulness of OSX to you, so it’s only fair to point out that OSX 10.0 was a dog as well, but they got it mostly sorted by 10.2.

    Perhaps it would help if you could dual boot your Dell between XP and Vista like Apple did with OS9/OSX?

    11 Apr 2007, 11:59

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