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October 24, 2006

and the bag made it!

I had to be strict with myself, the sofa lost, I’m now sitting in front of the computer flexing my fingers and racking my brains to remember whats gone on since my last posting.

I did get to drive and use the digger but its true what they say, its fiendishly tricky. Next time you see someone using a JCB pay them homage. In the end rather than use the digger I dug the ditch by hand (well… spade, mattock, pick and spit).

Filthy, I drove home at the end of a very tiring day via Majestic Wine. I had to apologise to the guy behind the counter for my appearance but I appeased him by buying an expensive bottle of vintage Veuve Clicquot (see next) plus the obligatory 12 bottles. Here’s my list:
  • Yering Frog Chardonnay (2 off)
  • Marco De Pegoes – new Portuguese red (2 off)
  • Regnie (2 off) – What can I say, I like Gammay.
  • Crozes Hermitage (2 off)
  • Ravenswood Zinf. (1 off) – for an alcoholic buzz
  • Ironstone Shiraz Grenache (1 off)
  • Mt. Lang Billi Shiraz (2 off)

My sister got married! Drove down to London on Sunday lunchtime for the wedding which was held at the Savoy – okay ya. Although I consider myself a Londoner (born in Hammersmith, family Eastenders since the mid 19C), I couldn’t live there – the bloody traffic! Half an hour to get from Earls Court to the Chelsea embankment – on a Sunday!!!!

Anyway, the wedding, all went well. Isn’t it strange how after 6 hours or so of meeting complete strangers you are saying goodbye to them as members of the family (sort of). Had some excellent vension and my brother-in-law’s dad supplied our table with a 30 year old bottle of Cristal champagne – wow! It had a much more complex taste than the cheaper NV stuff that I’m ‘used’ to.

Monday is a complete blank. I know that I taught 3 hours of lecture and filled the rest of the day with stuff that needed to be done but for the life of me can’t remember what that was – I hadn’t had much sleep the night before, didn’t get back from London until 11pm and then stayed up to watch the last GP of the season, then up after only 4 hours to drive in to work and get parked. Was a time when that wouldn’t have been a problem but age is taking its toll.

Got completely taken by suprise at the airport this morning. Having travelled with my plastic bag at the height of this Summer’s security alert, then again on hols, we got completely caught out by the secirity regs that are still in place. Customs people at BHX don’t know how close they came to being fragged by MDW when she had to – eventually – check in one of her small shoulder bags into the hold luggage. KLM Check-In girl didn’t mention anything about the regs earlier when we could’ve done something about repacking – only the old “Did you pack your own bags…”, ” Did anyone else …” – BHX had no obvious signs informing passengers of rules (later saw some very tired looking bits of laminated A4 pinned to a post that we had no reason to walk past).

NOTE: Later on, checking flight status, noticed that as of the 6th November, UK style security restrictions will be in place throughout Europe – BEWARE!

MDW was resigned, I think, to never see her bag with make-up and gifts for family again: small bag, with no lock and a one hour transfer window at Schiphol – not promising. However, phoned her this evening and the bag made it.

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