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December 21, 2006

I bet ya didn't miss me at all

Did ya miss me Yeah, when I was away. Did ya hang my picture on your wall? Did ya miss me yeah when I was away – I bet ya didn’t miss me at all, yeah, I bet ya didn’t miss me at all…. Good to be back, good to be back…

I’m going crazy here, cracking walnuts. The little bleeders are just exploding into tiny fragments. I’ve spent half an hour doing about 100g , got a small tea cup of small pieces and have another 10kg to process – at this rate I’ll be insane by midday. MDW says “stop complaining, they’re your nuts” – they come off the family Dzialka – SO WHAT.

I’m so pissed off that I’ve forgotten why I came to rant anyway…. Oh yes KLM.

Having spent the 13hours leading up to this on a plane from Kuala Lumpur back to Amsterdam, to be delayed by an hour due to inability of Schipol ground services to manage de-icing of the Cityhopper back to Birmingham (the aircraft itself having no cabin heat when we boarded because the APU had failed) was a minor inconvenience… HOWEVER... The next day our flight back out to Amsterdam was cancelled – the reason? so-called “crewing problems”.. this left us with 3 hours in Brum T2 kicking our heels rather that in Schipol where we had planned to do some last minute Christmas shopping before rushing to catch our connecting flight out to Warsaw in the evening. MDW was of course highly displeased especially as, being a further 20 minutes delayed on departure, we anticipated arriving in Warsaw without our bags (presents inside of course) due to the short transfer window.

We boarded our (KLM) flight on time – couldn’t see our bags being loaded and accepted the worst. “Cabin crew, arm side bars” or whatever the pilot says, followed by an announcement that we were just going to sit on the gate for another 30 minutes because of weather problems in Warsaw (in turns out it had been a lovely day and evenning so was this just a porkie pie?)

In the end it all worked out, we arrived 15 minutes late and our bags came off the carousel at the newly opened Terminal 2 at Warsaw. I guess KLM would think that they did well but I beg to differ. Seriously considering driving to Manchester next time for a direct flight. When oh when will there be direct flights to Warsaw from England’s second city??

I ought to end a on a Rave – just a little one – KL, from what I saw while I was out there (only 3 days and I was working throughout) it is a really nice city. Not so built up and frantic as Hong Kong, smaller and with a lot of green. The people I taught from MINDEF and “The Civilians” (EngD students) at the back were all really nice too. I must get back there for longer and with some time to look around some more.

Happy Christmas


I’m back, I’m back, I’m on the right track, well as a matter of fact, I’m back!

Ok not so correct now… I bet ya didn’t miss me at all

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