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October 20, 2006

Books I read this Summer(06)

3 out of 5 stars

I hadn’t read The Joy Luck Club so didn’t really know what to expect when MDW passed me this after I’d finished the books I’d taken on Holiday (see Places I’d Rather Be). Well, I enjoyed it mostly. I thought the main story was a bit predictable but the humour level was kept up throughout; the cave episode was hilarious. Although the end dragged on a little it wasn’t enough to ruin the experience.

Still haven't reduced my handicap

A re-run of yesterday in the morning but with no bin-men problem. Late to bed, early to rise, makes a man … knackered.

There were a reasonable number of colleagues ‘up the road’ this lunchtime, though I was a little late. Second time this week the ladies in SC weren’t concentrating when I ordered my baguette, still I forgive them – I liked their selection anyway.

Got back to the office to find that the really frustrating issue from two days ago seems to have been sorted – though I have to sign my life away… the things I do for our students.

Digger! Digger! went down to the club this afternoon and had a man drop off a little mechanical digger – you know the sort: the one with the small rubber tracks, might get to drive it tomorrow. Anyway, then got on with shooting a round in between showers, a Windsor. Shot a really good end of 52 but a load of other ends in the mid 40s.

Did the shopping. Sainsbury’s insulted me again – no reduced raisin whirls but more annoyingly – as is their wont – they reduced the rice shelf by a half to fit in space for rubbishy Christmas stuff and didn’t have any Arborio or Carnaoli (sp) or thingy Nuevo (sp). How am I going to make a decent Rissoto on Monday?

MDW had made a lovely bake, watched some Johnny Kingdom – I used do some stalking myself up in the Cairngorms years ago – then entered my score for the afternoon -I still haven’t reduced my handicap!

Books I read this Summer – Smith

1 out of 5 stars

I didn’t manage to get past the first 30 pages before I got to the Lifes too Short stage. It just didn’t engage me in the slightest and the story just didn’t move on fast enough for my liking.

Of course, this could’ve been because I was sat on the tarmac at Athens airport with fuel gushing out of the aircraft’s wing, fire trucks zooming up and no air-con because all the engines were shut down as a precaution .. but I do feel that a good book should’ve been able to keep my attention through all of this.

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