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April 07, 2007

I'm feeling rather thirsty

Having posted almost every day while I was in China, I've been on a break from blogging. I guess I've been feeling a sense of anti-climax and  nothing has seemed particularly good or bad. Well 3 weeks is enough for me to recuperate so whatsup.

Inspiron 640m

A real rave has to be the thing I am typing on now. I'm sitting (lying with my feet up) on the sofa, waiting for the golf highlights with a pint of Martsons Single Malt ale by my side. This I can do because MDW is 1000 miles away visiting family in Warsaw. I digress, I'm using our new Dell Laptop (Inspiron 640m) that arrived on Thursday - I am very pleased with it, the screen is very good and it has 2Gb of memory, and all for less than £600 (and this included an all-in-one printer).

Of course every silver lining is accompanied by a cloud (ok, a stretch I know): I am now using Windows Vista (Home Premium edition) - I am underwhelmed, If Bill thinks that this is WOW then I think he should retire. I wonder if he drives like an old man as well as thinking like one? For the few graphical niceties - and these aren't a patch on OSX - there is a big learning curve. Overall I'm left with the feeling " Is that it?". Now, its not just the interface but clearly the roll out planning has been a farce. My internet security software is still being ported to Vista and this is months after the launch and years after the beta programme, I doubt that the fault is with the security software company.

Next rave: Fantastic weather over the last three days so I've been shooting as much as I can, I've got a slight pull in my shoulder and I hope that doesn't cause me a problem tomorrow as I am shooting in a competition.

Well that better be it as the golf has started and I'm feeling rather thirsty. 

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