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March 06, 2007

Meet you in Wuhan – now seems quite normal

Another posting? Two in one day! Well, I’ve got to make use of the 100RMB charge for 24 hours of internet access and I’ve just got back from the evening meal.

Five of us got into two taxis and hared across the city (think City of London then multiply by at least 5 times), across the Yangtze to a Sichuan restaurant on the far bank. The views back across the river to the forest of skyscrapers rising up on the hills to the South, decked in neon and fairy lights is quite spectacular.
Chongqing centre from across the Yangtze

Traditionally one eats in a private room, so we did. I asked not to be informed of what we were eating but in the end needn’t have worried. We had snake, eel, fish, pork, all kinds of things – I did my best despite my poor chop-stick technique. But seriously, the food was tasty and the company pleasant. Does that sound too ‘nice’, too English? I enjoyed myself.

I normally drink TsingTao beer but Shirley suggested we had the local beer, I can’t remember its name but we discussed at some length the validity of having draught beer in bottles (an increasingly common thing in China but not something I’ve come across before). We finished off with “meet you in Wuhan” – which now seems quite normal

Chongqing Girls… na, na, na, na, na…Chongqing Girls

Apologies, I can’t tell you too much about Chongqing as I haven’t left the hotel today, yet. It is just coming up to 6pm and I’ve just finished helping out at the Warwick stand of the Chongqing recruitment fair. Once again we were placed in the arse-end of the stands because of our unfortunate capital letter (see my earlier post). Still we did see quite a few students and there were two in particular that I hope we will be able to convert into applications. The acid-test will be if they turn up to the seminar I am giving tomorrow afternoon.

Euphemia suggested on the plane last night that Chongqing girls were supposed to be the prettiest in China. She related a Chinese proverb that discussses what men wish for when they visit three major cities in China – when they come to Chongqing they wish they hadn’t married so early. I can’t say whether this is true or not as MDW might be reading but the view from my window is quite pleasant.

My colleague from Hong Kong (Wing for those that know him) is arriving in a few hours and I’m sure he will have an opinion formed by more sustained analysis. Chongqing Girls… na, na, na, na, na…Chongqing Girls (to the tune of Girls on Film)

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