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March 02, 2007

Skol is clearly having a promotion

Well, I got here (Hong Kong) eventually… all ready to go at Heathrow, Cathay Pacific CX250 ‘Main engines are “Go” for throttle up’…trundle, trundle, thunder, thunder… thump, break, break, break… dawdle, turn off runway and taxi to a halt, “Bugger”.

Anyway, after a three hour delay sitting on the tarmac with no refreshments and still another 12 hours sitting in cattle class Oooh, the University is such a thoughtful employer we finally got going after an engineer traced the fault and replaced a switch. Engineers are the salt of the Earth don’t you agree?

Uneventful flight, The Departed was showing, not a film worthy of all the Oscar plaudits, why didn’t they just come clean and say “Martin we are sorry for being such ass-holes over the years, please take this gong for your lifetime achievement” or even give him some sort of ‘posthumous’ Oscar for say Goodfellas or Taxi Driver. I also watched a bit of the Fastest Indian – you know the story about the old Kiwi who rides an old bike to glory at the Bonneville Speed Week. Actually, it wasn’t that bad even though Hopkins’ accent was very strange, perhaps that’s how they speak in Invercargill (two l’s as I don’t have to save the ink, I guess it must have some Scottish connection).

Oh yes, this was the first time I’ve flown on Cathay for about 10 years and I have to say I think the service has gone down a bit, at least from what I recollect. KLM is a bit better I think: more frequent refreshments and better AV.

I’ve been here for 2 hours now and done my usual evening constitutional: A Big Mac meal; a stroll along the Kowloon/Tsim Sha Tsui promenade; a ponder as I walk past some of the restaurants: shouldn’t I really eat properly… on my own- what a sad drag; in to Park ‘n Shop for some snacks and some cheap Tsingtao beer; then back to my room. Good point – there was a complimentary beer for me when I got back: Skol is clearly having a promotion.

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