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April 25, 2012

Follow–up on Reading and Note–making

Follow-up to A1_Portfolio_Reading and Note–making from Natalia's blog

Dear Han-na

with a huge delay, I would like to continue with my blogging on the progress in reading and note-making.

As for the action points, for the next 4 weeks in this exam term, I would like to set 3 specific action points which I hope I will find useful for my revision.

1. I will choose one subject on which I want to practise Mind mapping. I have also downloaded into my pc a mindmapping programme.

2. When revising, I prefer creating my own notes from the lecture slides. I will choose one subject where I will use Cornell Note-Making method. I know that this is mainly for taking the notes in the lecture, but I think it might also be beneficial for creating revision notes - especially the summary at the bottom of the page. Or I was thinking about adjusting the system, eg. creating the summary after each topic.

3. My revision requires lot of reading. Therefore, I would like to improve my reading skills. In the notes we were given after the workshop, there are several hints for increasing reading skills. In particular: take regular breaks, print the materials off, don't multitask, after the reading, make notes of what you have rear and vary what you read. I believe that not only will such practices have a positive effect on my reading speed, but also it will speed up my revision in overall.

Thank you Han-na for reading the entry. The update on my progress will follow soon.


February 18, 2012

P9_Career Planning

Dear Fiona and Chris

First of all, I would like to thank both of you for creating such a beneficial workshop (was held on Friday, February 17). I found it very helpful and motivational.

Well, since I’m progressing towards Warwick Skills Portfolio Award, I have decided to include P9 into my blogging.

In the following post, I would like to set the action points I want to pursue in the next 4 weeks:

  1. Get my CV checked in the C&S Centre. I have already attended effective CV workshop, but it seems I was too bussy to take it further. It will be useful to do for my job and internship applications.
  2. Since November, I have been focusing too much on internships for the forthcoming summer. As a research tool, I used mainly myAdvantage website, Targetjobs, milkround, ratemyplacement, etc. So far, I have sent 17 applications – 6 of them already unsuccessful. In the slide regarding exploring, there were mentioned other websites, especially and also the focus on sector pages. I am mainly interested in management consultancy, so I will do more research on smaller firms within that area. After the research, I will prepare the CV, adjust the current covering letter and approach them with my interest in internships.

These are the two goals I decided to set during the workshop. However I’m not sure about the mock interview. Should I make an appointment before sending the emails to potential consultancy firms, or it is better to wait for their replies?

Thank you very much for reading the blog and I’m looking forward to receiving your comments.

Kind regards

November 17, 2011

P4_Portfolio_Delivering Effective Presentations

Dear Bev!

First of all, I would like to thank you for such a great workshop. I think it was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I have learnt much more about presentation skills than I expected that I would learn.

The workshop for me was like a mirror that has showed me my weaknesses which constantly influence the quality of my performance at the stage. Before the workshop I was aware of some of my weak points, but now I can put a label on them and I can actually work towards the progress.

To be honest my main problem is staying focused and concentrated during the speach. I am usually loosing the track on my structure and content. Even if I prepare a great presentation, suddenly when standing in front of an audience, the content and my notes does not make sense at all which leads to being nervous and not able to deliver the presentation fluently and with ease.


Well I have chosen to work and live in a business environment where the success lies upon great presentation skills. Therefore I have to learn how to deal with my nervousness and concentration.

Interestingly, few days ago my boss from work asked me to join an online international conference which will be held on Tuesday - November 29 and where I should present my thoughts on a past event which I was responsible for organizing earlier this year. The presentation itself should take 15 minutes and the audience will consist of more than 100 guests both attending the conference in Greece and logged online from all around the Europe.

I plan to use this opportunity for adopting several main points and hints from your workshop. Although I won't be standing in front of a real audience, the online conference will be run by webcams. So I think that such presentation is equal to the real ones.

So here is my action plan:

1. Tomorrow, there will be in Ramphal Building another workshop related to presentational skills - run by Stephenson Hardwood - I'm planning to collect more information and hints.

2. Prepare the content and structure of the presentation. (presentation is for 10 mins)

3. Think about possible questions I might be asked. (5 mins for questions)

4. Practise, practise and practise - review the content, present it loudly several times and I guess I will force one of my friends from the campus to create an audience for me as well! (it might be also great for checking my English, so I will be confident about what I'm actually saying).

5. and smile :)

I think I covered all the main points. So wish me luck and I will keep you posted!



November 15, 2011


November 02, 2011

A1_Portfolio_Reading and Note–making


Last Wednesday (26.10.2011) I attended a workshop from academic skills portfolio - Reading and Note-making. The two-hour workshop was full of important hints and advice on how to study more efficiently and with ease.

As far as I can say, I'm already using most of the things mentioned on the workshop. However, this session assured me that the methods I use are correct and suggested some improvements in brainstorming for essays.

I am particularly interested in spider diagram which I hope will help me with elaborating my thoughts. Therefore, for the next few weeks I'm planning to implement spider diagrams into my note-making. Hopefully, by the end of the term I will have had no problems with sturcturing and creating complex essays.


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