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February 22, 2012

Follow–up on Delivering effective presentations

Workshop Tutor: Bev Walshe

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points


Hello Bev!

Thank you for your reply on my last blog.

Earlier this week, our group from Business Planning module had a presentation on our product. We were a group of 6 students, but we decided to have 2 presenters only. When preparing the presentation, I suggested creating a prezi presentation. Well, I wasn’t presenting, but at least I want to help them to create the whole concept so as to make the presentation more interesting and catchy. Interestingly, a colleague of mine who was presenting decided not to use prezi. He told me that it is easier for him to use the “conventional” PowerPoint presentation.

It reminded me of your last question regarding the drawbacks of prezi and I did some research on the internet on what people actually think about prezi. 

I personally prefer prezi over PowerPoint because I think it is user-friendly tool which helps you to make the audience engaged with your topic.

However, there certainly are some disadvantages: 

1.     There are different types of audience – especially when it comes to serious topics, or if there are more conservative listeners who might expect you to deliver a presentation in PPT.

2.     Prezi does not suit to everyone. The situation that happened in our group clearly demonstrates that not everyone is familiar or comfortable with prezi. Admittedly, people who have a problem with creating a structure of the presentation might find it difficult to use prezi. In such case, PPT presentation provides them with a clear and uniform structure in the form of slides. 

3.     PPT is also more user-friendly in terms of the cooperation with other softwares, such as Word or Excel.

4.     The quality of the presentation can undermine the value of the content. Or even worse, people can try to cover the lack of content with the beauty of prezi. – In such case, it is up to people to realize that prezi is only a tool – first aid kit for presenters.

To sum up, undoubtedly, there are more shortcomings to mention. What I have observed so far is that prezi offers a new, unconventional way of presenting. Also, it might look like people are dividing into two camps – Prezi vs. PPT. I think, it is practical to know how to use both and to learn, which tool is more suitable for which type of presentation.

Well, at the end, it is not about what is on the screen behind your back, but the content and delivery of the presentation is what matters. 

Dear Bev, I hope that I have covered all the things and action points from the beginning. Thank you very much for your valuable input and questions.

Kind regards


February 10, 2012

Follow–up on Delivering effective presentations

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points


Dear Bev

Thank you for your entry, we finally managed to have it worked, somehow :)
Today, I would like to reflect a bit on my first entry. The presentation I was writing about was held on Monday.

When I was deciding how to prepare and structure the presentation and how to make it more interactive and enjoyable, I came across Prezi. I don’t know if you are familiar with prezi, but basically it is an interactive presentation with moving effects. I decided to use this type of presentation because I wanted to allow myself a bit more time between the slides and also I found it much more easier to have such presentation as an aid.

It really kept me more fluid with my thoughts. Interestingly, I actually new the steps and slides of the presentation better because I needed to prepare it, I actually played with the presentation. It is completely different from PowerPoint.

Here is the link if you are interested in:

So what I have done so far, and what I have learnt:

1. prezi definitely as a great tool for becoming more connected with the topic of the presentation

2. I started to work on the presentation 2 weeks ahead, so I had more time for thinking and being more creative.

3. I prepared the core text – outline, but I didn’t prepare any full sentences. And the text and thoughts I wanted to have said were just coming when I was making the prezi.

4. When the prezi was finished, I went through the presentation several times which helped me to remember the main points.

5. Also as you can see in the presentation, I did one interesting thing. The presentation is divided into three parts. Before each part, there is one slide with the overall picture, where you can actually switch from one topic to another. And also, great for thinking and keeping up with the outline.

As far as feedback is concerned, I received very positive reaction from the audience, there were also some questions regarding the event, but when I knew that the presentation went well, I was relaxed and actually enjoyed the interest from the audience. Also it was quite interesting to have questions from another presenters who were online – which was also a challenge because you never know what such an expert can ask you :)

Hope I haven’t forgotten any though I wanted to mention!

Thank you Bev for reading it and look forward to your respond.

Best wishes


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