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February 18, 2012

Follow–up on Working in a Group

Follow-up to Follow–up on Working in a team from Natalia's blog

Dear Trudy,

I know that I should wait for your reply to my last follow-up post. Well, I only would like to write down some of my thoughts on my progress that I have made so far since the start of the second term.

As mentioned in the last post, I’m currently involved in a business planning project which basically consists of a group of 6 people who have to come up with a new product/service or innovation. When establishing the group and dividing the responsibilities among the members, I have decided not to go for the leader position.

As advised in my Belbin feedback (referring to the citation in my previous blog), I stepped back and took on another position with different responsibilities. Basically I hold the position of a group consultant. Not a leader, not a manager, just covering behind-the-scene tasks and support.

Well, I have to admit that I found it quite interesting not to manage the group and set the goals, action plans, etc. Now I have the opportunity observe the behaviour of other people (which as usual you are not able to see due to being too engaged in step-by-step problems).

I actually caught myself thinking about what I would have done being on the leading position. Would I behave as he (the current leader) behaves? Is his style right or he did a mistake? Honestly, I have learnt far more than I would have if competing with him over the position.

As promised, I managed to find the roles within our group. I googled more information about Belbin system and its understanding of the roles within groups. As far as I can say, our 5 members and I, we definitely cover these roles:

1. Our leader: co-ordinator, shaper and specialist (in the field we have chosen for our business to operate in) – usually the one who brings the group together, set and clarify goals. However, when it comes to setting goals, he usually uses some kind of persuasive power in order to win over the others… a bit aggressive style.

2. Resource Investigator – talkative person who seems to be outside of our group, at least his mind always is.

3,4. 2X Teamworker – create positive environment during the meetings + implementers.

5. Monitor Evaluator – always has the right numbers to either support or reject the ideas.

6. and MIE: I would say Completer Finisher – usually get things done or at least show them the possible way.

Our group definitely lacks PLANT – which we felt during the early stage of planning, we were struggling to come up with ideas. It was really frustrating. But non of us was able to somehow adapt that role. I would say the whole group had to adapt it.

So, I hope I have covered all three action points, enjoy the reading and I look forward to your feedback so as to move to the final blog.

Kind regards


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