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June 04, 2012

Final entry on Reading and note–making

Workshop Tutor: Han-na Cha

Dear Han-na,

Thank you for your comment. I’d like to now update you on the results from the action points I have set at the beginning.

Last week, I had 4 very difficult exams which tested all the new learning techniques I have implemented since the first blog entry. I was quite amazed by the fact how easy I was able to absorb all the information from completely different topics within such a short period of time. So far, I’ve had 7 exams out of 8, and I feel confident about every single one of them. Since April 17th, I’ve been studying every day at least for 5 hours. As mentioned before, I prepared a schedule, I tried to vary the topics so as not to get bored and sleepy and I spread the difficult parts amongst the easier ones.

Moreover, I have found out that I had been familiar with most of the things you told us in the workshop – which I have been already using in my own way. Since primary school, I was very good at structuring texts. However, now after the workshop and practice, I feel more efficient when it comes to skimming the text so as to find the relevant information, how to prepare the notes in a more memorable way and how to approach the revision in overall.

As far as mind-maping is concerned, it is a very handy tool to use when a lot of theory comes in and you feel overwhelmed and lost. It creates for you a way of thinking on the exam, it structures your thoughts and the only thing you have to do is to take a blank sheet of paper and draw. I know that it is somehow simplified description, but it’s true. You just have to put your thoughts on the paper which at the end will work as a snapshot from your brain. It makes it a lot more easier to recall all the topics, subtopics and headings.

Regarding 3:1 package, I usually create some kind of “summary of a summary”. I used to call it Bus Notes when I was commuting to grammar school. I guess this was meant by 3:1. I’ll probably use it for my last exam.

So, I hope I managed to met all my action points I have set at the beginning. I’d like to finish the blog with a big thanks to you Han-na for your comments and input you have been providing me with during my blogging. Now, I feel that I’ll be able to manage difficult, time and energy-demanding situations that can occur in revisions.

Many thanks and I look forward to your comment on my final blog.


November 18, 2011

P1_Portfolio FINAL ENTRY

Dear Samena

In this final entry, I would like to reflect on my recent experiences, thoughts and observations regarding my action points I have set few weeks ago.

Due to unintentionally deleting my first entry, unfortunately, I do not remember all three action points, I will try to summarize everything that pops in my mind now.

1. understanding my personality type and being more open to knew/unexpected situations

The very first workshop I attended was P1 – Skills Development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio Award. I attended this workshop on October 12 which I think was the best thing to do because during the workshop we were given The Learning Styles Questionnaire from which I found out a bit about myself, especially my learning style and my approach to task completion. I had very strong preference for REFLECTOR, which means that I am always focusing on details, I lean more towards listening than speaking in a group and what is more, I sometimes take too much time for thinking, which occasionally reminds me procrastinating.

This questionnaire helped me to realize my weaknesses, or let’s say those things that were calling for an improvement. To be more specific, I had decided to become more spontaneous and open to new things. This was the reason why I have attended a number of workshops from the portfolio such as Becoming More Assertive, Working in a Team and an Introduction to Emotional Inteligence, which I think helped me to better understand my personality type.

During the first few weeks in Warwick, I found this environment quite competitive. Many students for example speak more languages than I do, or they have already come across some of the topics from the modules we have. But now I know how to become a valuable member of the group when participating in seminars or groupworks. I understand that I need more time when thinking about something, or I need to evaluate all the information before making the right decission or saying my opinion. So now I am more proactive, I trust my skills and myself more, especially when working in a group.

2. working towards P1 skill portfolio and attend as many workshops as possible

Well, I have to say, I am quite good at this. But it has to be said that I am not doing this just for achieving the award. I do believe that these workshops and sessions, not only from myAdvantage, but also those run by Career Centre or external employers, offer something unique which cannot be found in my modules. I consider self-development as one of the most important things that the University of Warwick offer and which I want to take from it with me after my graduation.

So far, these workshops have provided me with a range of different skills and knowledge which I am planning to develop in the future because when it comes to finding an internship, year placement or graduate position, these soft skills are equally important as the knowledge gained during the studies – maybe even more!

To conclude, I am happy that I had a chance to attend P1 worksop at the very beginning of the year. I am sure that I would not have done such a progress without it!

Thank you Samena for for your opinions and quideline you gave me during the last 5 weeks.

All the best


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