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February 10, 2012

Follow–up on Emotional Inteligence

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Hi Samantha,

Thank you for your post, to be honest, I have completely forgotten to write an update.

As far as my progress is concerned, well, let’s say the end of the term does not really help me with my goal – get work-life balance. However, I must say I started to run, I have run more than 40 km since our session. Even if I don’t have any particular schedule, I usually go for a run when I feel that I need a break, to reset my brain and clean my head out. Just me, my ipod, (cold weather), and 30 minutes of nothing :)

Regarding the podcasts, I have listened to one of the podcasts. Well, I think it is not for me, I found myself a bit impatient, I had a problem to calm down and actually relax. I know myself well, and I know how my mind work. And I think this won't help me.

Oh, and I will set the second action point:

2. to attend the workshop on time-management during this second term! Will be definitely useful for getting the balance!

What do you think Samantha? Do you have any other ideas which might help me with it?

Thanks for reading and all the best,

Follow–up on Working in a team

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points


Dear Trudy,

Apologies for not responding for such a long time. Since my last respond the time has flown so fast that I did not even realize the time gap between my posts.

Well, I was thinking about the action points. Interestingly, in the second term of the 1st year at wbs, we undertake a module called: Business Planning – Integrative Project. 400 students are divided into group of 6. Each group has to come up with a business idea, prepare business plan, blue print, presentation,etc.

I was thinking that I can use this module for my action points. To be more concrete:

1. I will read more about Belbin’s analysis of teams.

2. In our group sessions, I will make my own list of observations, I will try to categorize other people’s preferences so I will be able to identify the gaps which I can fill.

3. Our group has to choose a leader. I have noticed that in our group, there is another person – very dominant and proactive in terms of leadership. Due to the fact that I like to have control over the things (and I am usually the initiative one who motivates people), I will let him to take the leadership, so I can act as recommended in the Belbin’s profile summary which we were given during your workshop.

... “Remember there will be times when you cannot take the lead or take on a high profile role. So here you will need to discipline yourself. If you succeed in doing so, you will become more generally acceptable and will encounter fewer enemies.”

How does it sound to you? I think, it might be a useful excercise.

Thank you for reading Trudy and I will keep you posted with my progress!


Follow–up on Understanding your personality type

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points


Dear Mary
apologies for my late respond, but to be honest, it took me a while to think of the action points that I should set. 
I have read the descriptions of ISTJ and ESTJ personality types several times, and to be honest, I just can't lean to one or the other. However, in both potential areas for growth, I might have spot mine for improvement. 
So, here are my action points:
1. According to ISTJ, I find it difficult to trust anyone else, therefore I usually fail to delegate work when doing a project/work. It is actually true that sometimes I just don't let other people to a part of the work because I feel that I can do it better.
In this term, one of the module is Business Planning. We are divided into groups of 6 students. Colleague and I, we are let's say leaders of the team. Sometimes I find myself doing a bit more than other people. So from now on, I will be more strict on myself, I will pass some of the tasks to other people without thinking about the result. 
2. Also in ISTJ, such people are critical and judgmental of others. Partly true, I usually set high goals for myself and sometimes expect other people to meet the same level. Again, I will try to control myself in such situations - even if it is sometimes difficult :)
3. According to ESTJ, I sometimes give less attention to my intuition - I will try to act more spontaneously/to trust my intuition. Don't know exactly how to focus on this one, but will do my best!
So, I hope I covered it all. 
Thank you for reading Mary and will keep you posted!
Best regards,

Follow–up on Delivering effective presentations

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points


Dear Bev

Thank you for your entry, we finally managed to have it worked, somehow :)
Today, I would like to reflect a bit on my first entry. The presentation I was writing about was held on Monday.

When I was deciding how to prepare and structure the presentation and how to make it more interactive and enjoyable, I came across Prezi. I don’t know if you are familiar with prezi, but basically it is an interactive presentation with moving effects. I decided to use this type of presentation because I wanted to allow myself a bit more time between the slides and also I found it much more easier to have such presentation as an aid.

It really kept me more fluid with my thoughts. Interestingly, I actually new the steps and slides of the presentation better because I needed to prepare it, I actually played with the presentation. It is completely different from PowerPoint.

Here is the link if you are interested in:

So what I have done so far, and what I have learnt:

1. prezi definitely as a great tool for becoming more connected with the topic of the presentation

2. I started to work on the presentation 2 weeks ahead, so I had more time for thinking and being more creative.

3. I prepared the core text – outline, but I didn’t prepare any full sentences. And the text and thoughts I wanted to have said were just coming when I was making the prezi.

4. When the prezi was finished, I went through the presentation several times which helped me to remember the main points.

5. Also as you can see in the presentation, I did one interesting thing. The presentation is divided into three parts. Before each part, there is one slide with the overall picture, where you can actually switch from one topic to another. And also, great for thinking and keeping up with the outline.

As far as feedback is concerned, I received very positive reaction from the audience, there were also some questions regarding the event, but when I knew that the presentation went well, I was relaxed and actually enjoyed the interest from the audience. Also it was quite interesting to have questions from another presenters who were online – which was also a challenge because you never know what such an expert can ask you :)

Hope I haven’t forgotten any though I wanted to mention!

Thank you Bev for reading it and look forward to your respond.

Best wishes


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